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Yeah, it doesn't add up.


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Making shit up as they go. Fuck you, mods. Do you think we're idiots?


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I...want to believe.


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Then deliberately and disgracefully used CSS to lie, for what seems to be pure stupidity. Were they ashamed of something or just lying for shits and giggles? Trust and faith don't result from poorly lying, don't use CSS to deliberately lie.

Don't use CSS to deliberately lie.

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He accidentally typed "DELETE" twice,

No, that's absurd. It is possible to decide to delete your account, then change your mind later as to whether or not it was a good idea. Or maybe he didn't change his mind.

Why is it that blahblahgabor, or the new account that's suppose to be him, suddenly only talking through a spokesman? Where is he? What's preventing him from making a new account and speaking for himself?

Here's what I think. And I think I'm right on this. This is all a contrived story. User blahblahgabor really did delete his account, and he's moved on in life. Existing moderators were replacing his spot with a shill account.


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Existing moderators were replacing his spot with a shill account.



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one time i accidentally legally changed my name to Funkystinker McBlooperson... man, that was an ordeal


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Bull. Fucking. Shit.

EDIT: In the wake of the other site, for the sake of the "open" and "transparent" relationships, all mods have to walk on goddamn eggshells at this time, all times. You are responsible for you own actions and 100% accountable. We need to be able to trust our admins and mods.


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And now the mods are mass downvoting you for not buying into their bullshit. Classy.



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We instituted an alt account of his without telling the users. This was a mistake on our part and we would like to formally apologize.

You decided it was appropriate to try and deceive your users by using CSS tricks instead? Why did you feel this action was appropriate when a simple sticky explanation would have sufficed? Why did you not reveal this error earlier and only wait until after you had been caught out by your users? Why do you think it's appropriate to treat your users as if they are too stupid to understand a simple account error?

Your actions were inappropriate for a default sub, under who's authority was this css change made?


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Mods, you're all cupcakes.


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Hey everyone! We wanted to take a moment to apologize to all of you because we got caught manipulating the sub css to try to hide us modding a 17 hour-old account that we specifically created a secret closed sub for so that we could circle-jerk it up to minimum requirements. If you don't know what's going on, a lot of users have been wondering about the new moderator on the sidebar. What happened was, /u/blahblahgabor accidentally deleted his account by accidentally typing the word "delete" into 2 separate fields and then accidentally confirming his decision when it asked him "are you sure you want to delete your account?". I hate it when that shit happens to me, so I'm sure you all understand.. We instituted an alt account of his without telling the users. This was a mistake on our part and we would like to formally apologize. We have removed the account, because we cannot prove to you guys that it is the same user. To be honest we just wish we hadn't gotten caught because it is pretty clear that we think you are all a bunch of mouth breathing morons who need us to tell you what is and isn't acceptable. Just be thankful we haven't banned you all yet. This is not because we dislike that moderator, but because we got caught and pissed off everyone who is sick of that shit. We are working with the administration to get the account reinstated.

Once again, we are truly sorry for the lack of transparency. Next time we will be sure to not get caught. I mean if we were really sorry we would probably have a public discussion on whether or not the community still wants us to stay on as mods and, if so, how the community wants us to enforce the rules, especially Rule #1. But really we're just doing this for show because we got caught lying about talking to atko and now he is pissed at us too. So our plan is this: We're all going to start acting like this was just a big misunderstanding and really no big deal and why can't you all just shut the fuck up about it already?

@typo @forksandguys @amyacker - FTFY


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Far more plausible.


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Stop lying. This is all about controlling the flow of information, period, full stop. You tried to slip one by everybody so you could start censoring this sub. That's it and that's all. You might as well admit to the truth.


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I think you nailed it...


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He says he was trying to figure out how to delete some of smaller subreddits, but did it wrong.

Also, where is the willy nilly comment deletion you speak of?

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Wow, downvote-brigading people is a great way to earn back our trust! Keep it up, mods!

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