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Ok look, I can believe that you accidentally nuked your account but then what's the deal with all the cloak and dagger nonsense? I don't know what you were thinking with your sub's moderation being under the magnifying glass recently, there was no way you were ever going to pull this off without people finding out so why weren't you honest with people from the start? As much as I'd like to, I can't even give you the benefit of the doubt that this was an honest mistake because there was so much clear dishonesty and I think that it's highly likely that the intention was to deceive the users. If you love Voat then don't try to sneak about and trick people and then expect them to respect you as an authority figure.

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So hiding the account from the mod list? That's pretty tricky. Also you act like /v/news will fall asunder if you don't get rid of MH101 spam immediately, people downvote the shit out of it anyway and there are three other mods so there was really not much reason to rush you back in under suspicious circumstances.


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If you were really blah blah you could just start your account back up. Who are you really?

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there were no tricks but mods trying to find a solution to fix the situation

Using CSS to hide the name of a moderator is a trick. It was totally unnecessary, when a sticky to explain the situation would have been perfectly appropriate.

The fact is that the Voat community hates it when moderation teams go behind their backs and do anything without properly informing the community. You as moderators need to appreciate that subverses are not yours to own. By choosing to do a quick fix to the situation, you essentially informed the users that you don't trust them. And as a result, in a matter of hours you have severely damaged their trust in you.