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Muslims have been claiming that Islam and sharia is perfect for 1400 years, yet all they have accomplished is to create a string of sharia shit holes that are waking nightmares of human rights abuses and domestic violence and pedophilia that Muslims can't run away from fast enough.

After 1400 years of failure, you'd think that even retards would learn from their mistakes, however Muslims keep claiming their failures are cause by a lack of Islamic extremism: as though if they bash their wives more and rape more children and murder more gays, Allah will bless them and the civilized world will respect their ability to behave like rabid dogs.


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They devolved into what they are today, in 850 Algebra was established as its own mathematical discipline by a Muslim. There was also the Umayyad dynasty in Syria, that was completely tolerant of Christians. The most modern was Ottoman Empire, who did tax christians and jews and force them into military service as Janissaries, but even then they were tolerant. Oh and the Janissaries were such great soldiers, that eventually Muslims served with them because Muslims didn't think that they should be barred from such a great fighting force. Its only recently, Post-70s that the Middle east has become a total cesspit.