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Somewhat on/off topic, I apologize in advance.

I was at a supermarket few weeks back and I saw a little girl crying in the middle of the aisle. There were 2 women behind me and I walked right past the child and continued on. One of the women loudly said the following:

"What horrible behaviour! No one helps anymore!".

It stopped me dead in my tracks and I walked back to the woman who said it. I put down my basket and I told her:

"Sweetheart what do you expect me to do?? Help the child? Are you insane?? 1) This child is 2 or 3 years old I will immediately be profiled as a pedophile 2) The child is crying which means I will automatically be profiled for kidnapping and be seen as a pedophile 3) I'm a male between 25 - 35 and will automatically be seen as a criminal rather than someone helping 4) FUCK YOU!!"

I grabbed my basket off the ground and went on my merry way. You want me to help a helpless little child? STOP FUCKING DEMONIZING A WHOLE FUCKING GENDER!

Sorry for the all-caps and vulgarities.. this shit just struck a cord with me.

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My family is old school European, which means we help one another quite a lot -- especially strangers.

My dad had one encounter far worse than mine. Luckily at the time I was there with him because the woman thought he was trying to kidnap her young son. I was 14 at the time (back in 2001) and dad and I were shopping at Bunnings. I left my dad to go to the far back to try out a bunch of hammocks they had. After about 15min or so I started hearing a screaming child and some people talking very loudly all the way to the back of the building. I was walking towards all the noise to see what all the hubbub was all about (we've witnessed a few fights in the past).. I was completely shocked to see 3 staff members surrounding my dad while some woman was screaming at him. I quickly ran to my dad while the staff members tried to keep me at bay. I loudly screamed for them to: "Get the fuck out of my way because that is MY DAD!". I started speaking to my dad in our native tongue and asked him WTH was going on? He told me that he picked up a young boy who got lost onto his arm so he could point out where his mom or dad were.. he found his mom alright. He tried to explain all this to the staff members, but they didn't believe him so they called the police.

I repeated what my dad told me to the staff members and the woman while at the same moment the police arrived. Both the staff and myself explained the situation to them while the woman was going full hyperbole with everything. The police saw it was all a load of rubbish (thank god for some sane people). The woman just grabbed her young son, scoffed while screaming profanities at the police and my father and stormed off. The staff members apologized and only 1 of them had the common sense and respect to shake my dad's hand in a physical apology/acknowledgment of the mistake.

Dad and I walked back to the car and for about a solid 2min, after placing his hands on the stirring wheel, he starred blankly through the front window in complete disbelief of what had just happened. Both mom and dad used to help young kids find their parents back in Germany and my own home country in the past, but when we arrived here in Australia... I think this was the first time I saw my dad completely broken about anything considering we went through war in our country.

Sorry for the long read, I just needed to get one last thing off my chest.


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Plot Twist; You was Dad.


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Those women are fucking cunts. Like they can't help?


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It's because I saw the crying child and did nothing at all, this is why they said what they said. Quite frankly, if it were the 90s and my parents saw me walk passed the crying child without helping, they'd be very disappointed with me.

Fast forward to 2005, and I quote my mom's words when my dad tried to buy ice cream for some kids: "Don't it's too dangerous". Forty-FUCKING-five years of "we help one another quite a lot -- especially strangers" down the fucking toilet and into the abyss. What the fuck am I left to say here?

Side message:

Feminists, or what ever the fuck you want to call yourselves, if it was your mission to make men appear as demons claps I wholeheartedly would like to congratulate you -- you've won. What you've won is the following: I will never help you nor your children ever again for as long as I draw breath on this Earth. I'll reconsider my stance once you undo the 20 years of damage you have caused.


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i wouldn't have stopped to help either. As soon as you utter one word to that child everyone is going to assume you are trying to lure it into a free candy van.


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I avoid children.

It's not that I don't like children - I think children are the bees knees - but I feel awkward around children due to "stranger danger" and I don't want people to think I'm a "chester molester".


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mate your behaviour was completely rational. as much as I (and I'm sure you) empathise with a crying infant, it's never worth destroying your life for. and that's exactly what would happen. there is now no room whatsoever for an adult man to interact with a non-related minor unless in a professional capacity and even then it is extremely risky. the minor has simply to make up a story about abuse and society and police will believe it.