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[–] Novius 2 points 14 points (+16|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Socialist gender roles for the men, individualist "special snowflake" for the women.

The problem is that post-industrial men never convinced women to be housewives with nothing to do, and post-feminist women will never convince men to be worker-husbands with work to do.

Half the problem was/is each gender speaks to the other as if there is no mental gender difference, women make "declarative sentence" nagging in their articles and men try to reason dispassionately about how women emotionally feel.


[–] Minori6kaemon 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

I would like to add that it's almost more of a culture/society thing than any sort of hard wired tendencies. We are totally not in a hunter gatherer society where woman have children and men get food. There is no logical reason why a woman can't work instead of the man or even have both work (which I find to be very common in low income families).


[–] Novius 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Oh absolutely, male strength in labour matters less than at any time in history. There is an abstract argument for someone to do housework if the fridge, stove, clothing stores and vacuum cleaner didn't make it cost so little in man-hours that marriages and households with children need not follow some outdated structure for mom (If she wants to be with her babies, women attach hard to kids sometimes). Marriage ironically is falling apart because of the lack of structure, not because men or women followed some ancient proscription too closely.

The problem is that women factually have left their outdated roles for work, and marriage is legally stuck back in the olden days. Men actively court women and women passively approve the man or not, during dating that is still the pattern and if that's fine for the average woman that can continue to be what men do. The average man doesn't care to change it, they just don't care for it in record numbers because women have too much of the power and so never compromise. Truthfully modern sitcoms flip the gender power to show women not being listened to for historical reasons, not modern ones.

However men still want marriage and the end result of marriage to be modern and men are still out there happily doing the mating dance thing for a woman's approval. But good god-damn, at what point are feminists going to stop making negative argument against things and start making positive argument for things? Tell us what to do ladies, honestly men are willing to work but if men think women have destroyed marriage by abandoning it so readily like its a stage in dating (but taking 50% of our stuff) we aren't going to fully do the peacock thing with our money. We're going to agree to do hook-up culture with you and at some point every woman gets tired of it and "gets feelings" for a reason. Smart women know you cannot out childish a man, we'll stay floating from woman to woman and you'll hate us for it. Deep down you want us less childish, not to have some of our childishness too.

Dating, the dance men do during dating, or marriage needs to be modern for women and so less "black-widow"-like for men. However only feminists answer the call that men are listening, and they only nag with passive-aggressive declarative sentences that women need this and abstract imperative sentences to keep doing the old stuff and sometimes stuff that it turns out women hate. So you see things like this article.