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Austrian Women Want Tax Levied On Old Bachelors - The Victoria Advocate, January 21, 1927

Mussolini Imposes Tax On Bachelors - St. Petersburg Independent, December 10, 1926


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The day I see a tax like that in the US is the day I load up my AR-15 and go looking for the politicians responsible.

Please don't give them any stupid ideas.


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"politicians"? No no, American men have been leashed with buzzwords and come when they're called. Its only when its their own wallet that they act out often enough to get away from the leeching.

All women need to do is ask men want they want, and negotiate from there. Men can be made to be good husbands, for proper compensation like a son, or a sex life, or a wife that pushes a husband "for us" not her and her materialism.


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Welcome to the list.


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Oh no no, you see women only earn 77% of what a man earns so it's only fair if we tax single men who aren't supporting any women at 23% so that we will have gender equality. /s


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Part of it was the whole religious society, though. I mean they also wanted more people to have kids after the war, and they didn't have the technology we do today like artificial insemination. Pretty sure America already has a higher tax rate for single men, anyway, that just hasn't gone away.


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Whoa. Godwin's Law really suckerpuched this thread.


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Nobody's mentioning Nazis, genius. The Nazis rose to power in Germany in 1932. Germany annexed Austria in 1938. This was simply something that actually happened in Europe in the Post-War period when young men began to forgo marriage as a consequence of social order beginning to break down, and young women didn't like where that left them.

Although, it is true that the break down of social order and civil society was what allowed the rise of Nazism in the first place. But that's hardly controversial.

What's controversial is that Feminism -in attacking traditional gender roles, demanding rights for women without associated responsibilities, and ignoring the deleterious effects of their policy proposals on men- has broken down social order. Which has had a great deal to do with allowing partisan radicalism to take root in American politics.