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Yup, having been through a divorce all I can say is "never again." I'm bittersweet on the assets bit, I get to pay my ex about one and a half McDonald's workers a year, but she's pretty good about spending it on our kid. But I have to wait another year or so in order to get my own VA loan benefits back from the refi or sale of my ex-house, and then I can start thinking about buying an actual place of my own (since like most men, I moved out). I'm in my mid-30s and having to wait to buy (especially using a benefit I earned in the desert) is pretty frustrating.

The marriage system is really there for one of two reasons: * To satisfy the requirements of various religions, which require cohabitants to marry each other (and secularism is on the rise) * To trap men into taking care of a woman forever after they've tied one down

Whether you want to just have a lot of partners or be romantically committed to a single partner, marriage has no place in the relationship other than as a gun to the head or an appeasement to the sky fairy of your choice.