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It wasn't entirely the left, it's also an issue caused by greed, and it's usually the right that pushes greedy policies. Both parents have to work to support a family, so there's no time for a family to be a family.

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Because wanting to sit on your ass all day and have other people steal resources for you at gunpoint isn't greedy at all.

That's anyone who isn't directly generating profit for the 1% in the minds of republicans. Also, wanting to have a healthy, functioning society is greedy in their minds.


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it fundamentally comes down to two different but equally valid models of property.

in model A people own the objects they create and each person is capable of working to better themselves, they take from the land, fashion and trade it with other people. what they have is theirs, as they earned it because they worked for it.

in model B the society owns the collective of all things possessed by the society, and that stuff's distribution throughout the society is a reflection of how healthy and humane that society is. since new land cannot be created, the land itself belongs to the populace which as a whole is represented by the state. any individual only has the ability to have property by agreement of the rest of society, and that property can be taken away by agreement of the people.

both are equally valid ways of thinking about property. the left considers the whole of the wealth of everyone and points out that there is wealth inequality and that wealth is unevenly distributed favoring a small percentage of the population at the expense of everyone else. the right sees people who have come from hard working families and have worked hard for generations increasing the wealth of the family, or people who have made brilliant inventions that have changed the lives of everyone for the better and are reaping their just rewards. both of these views are correct and equally valid. the real question is do you think of wealth as being model A or model B? the answer to that question determines your stance on this issue.


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Income has stagnated for the middle class, but it hasn't dropped (slightly risen if you count lower cost of goods).

The main problem is no fault divorce laws combined with a divorce system that favors women most of the time.


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It has only stagnated in the last few years, it has dropped like a rock since single income households were common and could consider themselves to be financially comfortable.