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As a good looking, well educated, employed single male in his early 30's (and also snipped to ensure no "accidents"), I would like to thank feminism for creating a society where I have easy access to sex with multiple attractive young girls desperate for a man to support them.


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Don't take this the wrong way, and nothing personal, but fuck you.

Regards, My jealousy


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I would like to raise a glass to all the stupid 21 year old girls whose constant drive for casual sex with older men to assert their feminism has made marriage pointless.

Pointless unless your wife is loaded ;)


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Yes, Feminism has done a good job of taking power away from women.


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As a nearly 30 male who doesn't want to date a slut - fuck feminism for making it very difficult.

Hell; I remember seeing a 2 chromosomes about a girl who was asking a fairly normal question and a bunch of people kept trying to push her to get into one night stands.

Now the only girls who aren't slutty seem to be socially broken or super religious. Yup - nope to both of those.

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I completely agree. I was dating my now wife for 5 years before we got married. The reason I proposed is because I was ready to start a family.

We now have a 2 year old and are going to try for another. That is the reason I got married.


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Thank you!


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I love how the article blames everything on men. Fuck that. Men are reacting to the way the world works now - and it's a raw fucking deal. Rather than trying to understand that, this woman just tries to shame men into accepting the bad deal.


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It's called the spinning hamster-wheel of rationalization...


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Yup, having been through a divorce all I can say is "never again." I'm bittersweet on the assets bit, I get to pay my ex about one and a half McDonald's workers a year, but she's pretty good about spending it on our kid. But I have to wait another year or so in order to get my own VA loan benefits back from the refi or sale of my ex-house, and then I can start thinking about buying an actual place of my own (since like most men, I moved out). I'm in my mid-30s and having to wait to buy (especially using a benefit I earned in the desert) is pretty frustrating.

The marriage system is really there for one of two reasons: * To satisfy the requirements of various religions, which require cohabitants to marry each other (and secularism is on the rise) * To trap men into taking care of a woman forever after they've tied one down

Whether you want to just have a lot of partners or be romantically committed to a single partner, marriage has no place in the relationship other than as a gun to the head or an appeasement to the sky fairy of your choice.