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The cost-benefit analysis has been shown to not be favorable.


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Really, this is the crux of it. You wouldn't shame somebody for not signing a bad contract, so why is it seen as a moral failing to not get married. I think we're seeing some of the misandry of society poke through. Now that guys aren't playing the game anymore changing the rules doesn't do anything, so they are going to have to start tiring to punish guys for forfeiting.


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Austrian Women Want Tax Levied On Old Bachelors - The Victoria Advocate, January 21, 1927

Mussolini Imposes Tax On Bachelors - St. Petersburg Independent, December 10, 1926


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You see the same sort of thing when as a man you refuse to do a difficult/dangerous task. When I was younger I'd let people shame me into doing things like operating hazardous equipment without PPE and getting up on rickety ladders to clean gutters. The looks I get when I opt out now--they just assume I'll help them move all their heavy furniture down a steep flight of stairs, 'cause I'm a guy.


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just like playing a game of thermonuclear war...the winning strategy is not to play the game.


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Reminds me of the Bill Burr joke on marriage (which was not really a joke):

"Is this the line to lose my kids, over half my stuff, and my kids? Awesome. Look the line is moving'."

Note: losing half your stuff may be small compared to having to pay eighteen years of child support - 18 years x 12 months x $1,000 monthly = $216,000.