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The illegal immigrants basically have immunity from prosecution, so they might as well enjoy raping the lovely blonde locals, robbing the easy target locals, and burning the cities down. It's their land now. LOL. Fucking pussy governments. They go after the media and critics of their horrendous immigration decisions, but not the illegals who are destroying their cities. This needs to happen though. And only when the people are angry enough will they hold their politicians' feet to the fire and their necks under the axe.


[–] Loumedia 6 points 21 points (+27|-6) ago 

Lol I know hilarious.

PC justice warriors took everyone's guns and convinced them they are bigot racists, and now this!

I go on reddit just to piss in Europe's mouth. Go back to all the anti-gun and ask them how save they feel now.

Love it! Hope Europe burns to the fucking ground, then when cunty second year college students want to act smart and bring up how great Europe is, I can laugh even harder.


[–] ninjai 4 points 3 points (+7|-4) ago 

Are you PC bro?!


[–] Apeabel 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

I blame a lot of it on the media tbh. All those PC students chanting 'refugees welcome' at train stations have no idea what the facts actually are.

So let me get some of those facts out here first:

  • Roughly 2 million syrian refugees live in Turkey
  • 1.2 million live in Lebanon
  • half a million are in Jordan
  • 0 are in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE...

  • The media is highly pro refugees for some reason

  • The governments of Germany and Sweden especially are pro refugees
  • The policies (Dublin III for example) are not working

Now. Aside from the stupid idea that bringing the people in those boats in the mediterranean to Europe instead of sending them back like Australia does will somehow reduce the number of boats launched, the whole idea of the refugee crisis is a joke.

The real refugees got the fuck out of Syria and settled down as soon as it was safe. Just google something like 'refugee camp in Lebanon'. These camps are huge because the people there want to go back HOME after the conflict is over. They don't care if they don't get European handouts because they are glad to not have their homes bombed into the ground.

As for the 'refugees' coming to Europe, yes, there are some Syrian refugees there. Mostly those that already have relatives in a country here but the thing that I remember the most is some interview a Syrian in Germany (I think) gave where he said that only about 10-15% of refugees are really Syrian. The rest, from Africa, Pakistan and Iraq are actively trying to pose as Syrians. Syrian Passports go for a lot of money. They study the history and culture so they have better chances for asylum.

The poor 'refugees' that are trying to get to Germany or even from Germany/Denmark to Sweden? They want to go there because those countries social systems give them the most and you can't complain because of 'racism' and 'islamophobia' that the media actively tries to drill into your head.

As soon as you jump borders from one EU country to another without being registered or anything you are not a refugee. You are an immigrant moving for economic gain. Now again, I understand if you have family in Europe or know people that you can live with. Those people are sadly not the majority and are certainly not the people rioting on Hungary's borders right now.

And to address some of the points made: Europe will probably burn if the governments keep being shortsighted like they always are and I pity all the Germans that can't say a word out of fear of being labeled Nazis but here in Switzerland we do still have our guns, voat access and competent border control.

My popcorn is ready.


[–] Judge__Dredd 5 points 1 points (+6|-5) ago 

So Europe isn't safe because they don't have guns? and why would you like Europe to burn to the ground?


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[–] McDoku 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

You know that is fake right?


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There's got to be more going on than just "government" (railway owner incompetence). Any common sense person would not censor this information and have the immigrants exposed or deported. Going against this common sense approach suggests that there's an agenda afoot.


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This is the well spring of beautiful blonde women, it needs to be protected versus these fucking vermin at all cost.


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That's what is just so insane about letting the most violent, lawless foreigners into Sweden and the Nordic countries. Then you flaunt the most desirable women in the world in front of them? It makes me incredible sad and angry for the locals, but then I will see Swedes and Europeans holding up signs "Immigrants Welcome" and my sympathy for them goes right out the window.