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How was he an awful human being? I think you've been brainwashed by propaganda spread by the Jew.


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Since you obviously don't believe in the death camp part of it: He sent people away to labor camps simply because they were undesirable. This is a human rights violation. He could've sent them out of the country, but no, he decided to enslave them and work nearly all of them to death.

I think you've been taken in by a charismatic leader decades after his death simply because he was right about Jewish people being bad some times. Not all Jews are terrible zionists, and not all muslims are Islamists.

Keep believing everyone who questions your great leader is brainwashed by the enemy though. That'll do plenty of good in discussion.

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What "death camp"?
You mean the "concentration camps" that are almost extremely similar to what we called "detention camps" in the same war? Hitler may have a "terrible" person in many people's opinion, but he far from the worst. Remember in the same era the Russian leader Joseph Stalin killed way more, and he sent them to the "gulag" which was literally a death sentence. At least in the concentration camps they gave a surviving chance, hence why you have "holocaust survivors" instead of a history that is completely discredited. But for SOME odd reason, Hitler was "the worst" without any supporting premise other than "6 million jews" meanwhile we got Mao Zhe Dong with a record 20 million, and Joseph Stalin with 20 million of his own and 20 million outside but they aren't mentioned as being terrible because they didn't touch Jews.
Just remember, Hitler was the one that asked for peace first. Britain refused and dragged the US in to finish the job that they couldn't. That's why to this day, I still don't like FDR


[–] pandabill [S] 16 points 1 points (+17|-16) ago 

Fuck human rights. Some degenerates don't deserve human rights. All they do is harm the interests of their people.


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no true scottsman.

Always resorting to rhetoric. The liberal cuck fears speaking clearly.


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