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I miss your beautiful country and all the attractions and hospitality it affords. Perhaps you could do something about these out of control locals though - I am not wanting to visit again while these rampaging groups of vigilantes continue to hold your people to ransom.

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There's quite a bit you can do, but none of it is as instantly gratifying as a protest. You can join your local republican/democratic party and start making phone calls or handing out flyers -- you have alot more political capital this way instead of just ticking a ballot box in an area where the results of the vote are already known. You can call your local representatives. If you live in a small town, you can attend town council meetings. Unfortunately, all those things take more work than attending a one-off protest with friends that someone else organized, or complaining online -- and the people that do them are often older folks who want to be "tough on crime".

It's much easier to change the system from within than from outside.


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I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with us. A friend of mine just went through one of the police academies and he said that he was severely disappointed with some of his fellow cadets and graduates. We don't pay them enough in most places so we don't get good recruits a lot of the time. Then, because they're underpaid, their superiors try to make it up to them any way they can (turning a blind eye when they shouldn't).


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Are you saying that black people are being killed by police because of systematic police abuse and malfunction that affects everyone and not necessarily racism?