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No one was injured during the incident


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Except that a thirteen-year-old boy will forever remember the time that exploring his sexuality and acting like a kid got him arrested, and most likely he'll be bullied as a "rapist" for the rest of his school career. It should've resulted in nothing more than the boy cringing in humiliation whenever he thought of that time he tried to kiss a girl on a dare, and the girl rolling her eyes at the insult that someone below her perceived social standing tried to kiss her non-consensually.

Taking all bets: depression, medication, counseling, extended virginity, fear or hatred of authority/cops, anxiety, frustration channeled as hatred of women, suicide. Open-bet: how much you want to put down that the girl will now answer "yes" on any anonymous questionnaire that asks "females: have you ever been the victim of a sexual assault?" She'll probably just nod her head in blind agreement when her college orientation tells her that one in four women are sexually assaulted.


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Holy shit

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Makes me wonder what would happen if it was two boys they would probably throw a parade and give them a reality TV show for having the courage to break the social norm and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah


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