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I'm sorry if biology offends you.

Evolution created male/female sexual reproduction, it's not some grand conspiracy to make gays feel bad about themselves.


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No one claimed any conspiracy and you're woefully mistaken about biology. People are born gay. It is immutable. It's scientific fact. Your irrational dislike of gay people will never change that.

Additionally, sex-ed in Ontario isn't just biology. They teach children about hormones and, more importantly, about sexual attraction. Telling students that soon they will ALL be looking at the opposite gender with sexual attraction needlessly isolates and alienates gay students.

Those students will silently wait, expecting what they've been told will come true. When it doesn't, they have no one to turn to for guidance. They are alone, angry, and frightened.,They soon suffer irreversible psychological damage when they struggle to accept they cannot change it. When word gets out to other students that they are a freak, the merciless torment and abuse begins.

This is what happened to me. All of my nightmares take place in school. Every last one. You and everyone like you can fuck off for the years of misery inflicted for nothing more than how I was born. The treatment I endured at the hands of religious people is disgusting and evil. This is what people like you bring to the world.

Canada is a secular country with equal rights for everyone. Sex-ed classes last a couple of days at most and are not graded. The people overreacting are doing so because they are extremists. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if all the ones protesting sex-ed were Muslims.

Gay children have the right to be taught sex-ed that includes them as human beings. Muslim people do not have the right to deprive gay students of this in Canada. If a Muslim student doesn't want to participate, they can do one of two things: 1) Leave during sex-ed to go read their pedophile prophet's book instead or 2) Find a private religious school to their liking that isn't funded by secular, public taxpayer dollars.

When you come to our country, you obey our laws. We do not and will not have Sharia here.