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German government is responsible for this.


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Merkel supports pedophilia by allowing the rapist migrants an open border.


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Germany is required to have open borders with most of its neighbors: Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Austria and the Czech Republic. The border with Switzerland is included, but for different reasons.

The problem is not necessarily "open" borders; the problem is policy that allows them to stay:

1) These are migrants, not refugees. Imagine that an American illegally entered the EU and illegally stays in Germany and is granted permanent stay.

2) Germany suspended its rules that forced investigations into where a person had entered the EU and forced deportation to whatever entrant country. Poorer countries like Romania, Bulgaria and others outside the EU will have more trouble supporting refugees, though the entire EU should be getting a fair distribution of refugees.


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I think you're right. Too bad the citizens can't sue the government for betraying their interests.

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Merkels mom is a jew. Guess who doesn't like cultural enrichment for their own, but wants it for everyone else. Can't guess? The Jews. They want to kill you all.


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Israelis are probably like "WW2 payback biatchhh"


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And Germany will pay for Hitler"s mistakes for the next hundred years.