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I'd be outraged if my tax dollars were being gifted to Muslims because they are Muslim.

I hate to think what living in a Muslim only community would be like: living among people who consider beating and raping woman and pedophilia and sex slavery and murdering homosexuals and blasphemers to be moral perfection. It would be like living among fuzzy-faced cavemen.


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I saw an amazing billboard on 1-95 this week that said muhmmad the prophet believed in : peace, women's rights, and diversity ... I almost threw my morning coffee up I was laughing so hard.


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This is what Muslims refer to as taqiya: lying about Islam by omission to make Islam seem less fucking disgusting.

Most Muslims aren't smart enough to understand something is seriously wrong if they feel compelled to lie about their convictions.

Islam does respect the rights of woman:

  • Woman have the right to be beaten by their husbands;

  • Woman have the right to be murdered for Allah for being "rude";

  • Woman's sharia testimony is worth 1/3 of a man's testimony because woman have deficient minds;

  • Woman have the right to be raped and sold as sex slaves.

Islam also respects the rights of homosexuals to be thrown from the tallest buildings and to have their heads smashed open with rocks.

Islam also respects the rights of children to be raped as child brides and sold like chattel.

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I was hoping to witness the dawn of a bright future based on a respect for the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and scientific achievement.

Instead, I will witness the world drown in fuzzy faced cavemen and their fucked-up ideology of violence and rape: people who consider human rights to be a crime and bashing and raping woman and pedophilia to be moral perfection. Savages who worship their penis, believe in flying horses and aspire to win a orgy of magical virgin sex slaves to jizz in.

I've often wondered what the Muslim world thinks when they see Utopian visions of the future such as represented in Star Trek. Do these savages think "the woman need to be oppressed and the homosexuals and apostates need to be murdered for Allah and the aliens need to be captured as chattel and raped and the men need to behave more like fucking pack animals and it needs more worship of violent-rapist-pedophiles"?


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Aww,positive discrimination courtesy of Ontario SJW.Legal racism at its finest.


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Ontario couldn't be more pro-White Genocide even if they said "Ontario is pro-White Genocide".


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Trust me, you don't want to live in a Muslim only building.


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What',s stopping him from becoming a muslim? What if he's a non-religious muslim?

As far as I know, Jews are the only ones that dont accept converts

Sidenote, they are doing the dude a favour by not giving him an apartment. You don't want to be the only non Muslim in an all Muslim area.


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Many of the Muslim in those apartments would have immigrated from countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria and Iraq that have domestic violence rates of about 85%.

For those Muslims, beating your wife is essentially a national pastime.

Can you imagine the screams of these woman each night?

Can you imagine witnessing the Muslim parents abuse their kids by indoctrinating them into their fucked-up religion... by teaching them that raping and bashing woman and pedophilia and sex slavery and murdering homosexuals and blasphemers and apostates and "rude" woman for Allah is moral perfection?

It would be like living among animals... I wouldn't want to live there.