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Unfortunately, so many are claiming the bestest, most tolerant thing to do is pump these poor people full of hormones and butcher their bodies instead of helping them become comfortable in their own skin. If someone wants to pluck their right eye out because it offends them, they're given care to address the underlying issues, not humored, but cutting their dick off? You're an intolerant bigot if you think they should be talked out of it.


[–] Bainshie 1 points 13 points (+14|-1) ago 

Well, the issue you've got is that our understanding of the mind is crap. Our treatment for depression is to try bunches of drugs until they find the right one. Meaning currently we're at a medical stage where it might be overall better to "infect the body" rather than "cure the mind" simply because we don't know how to successfully cure the issue.


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i've never, ever felt like a woman, or felt that my male body mismatches my mind. if someone does think this - perhaps there is a physiological reason behind it ie perhaps their brain really is female. i'd like to see brain scans of trans people to see if their brains match their chosen identity.


[–] Iforgotmy_other_acct 1 points 13 points (+14|-1) ago 

You just described Gender Dysphoria.


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You know, I kind of agree with you. I've never understood why we view/treat body integrity identity disorder (BIID) so differently from gender identity disorder (GID). I'm not sure we've adequately justified our refusal to surgically treat one and willingness with the other.


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Because BID responds to medication (like Risperdal) and GID doesn't. It's two completely different disorders with similar symptoms, and they need completely different treatments.


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How is it tolerant to let people pump themselves full of hormones that can change the very physical nature of their bodies? That's like a massive bodily change and if it goes wrong even worse things could happen to that person. It's not safe and why should I think it's ok for a person to do that to their bodies?

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Because it's their body not yours?