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This has be proven multiple times. The dog takes a queue from the handler.


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*cue. ;)

The dog thing has been complete nonsense forever but cops love it because it gives them a pretext to profile people and search their vehicles. Profiling and searching without a warrant are illegal. Throw a dog in there and suddenly it's totally okay. Nothing found? "Guess the dog must have just smelled some kind of residue." Total deniability for completely illegal actions.


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At this point, however, probable cause for police is clearly a formality. It's like haggling, the seller already knows what he's selling the item for, he just starts higher and lowers it as a matter of ritual. Police now have learned they face (mostly) no discourse for doing whatever the fuck they want, so it's just a courtesy.


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They could be standing in line.

Ya ever think of that?

A 1dog 1person line

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In case anyone wanted more detail:

When handlers could see a red piece of paper, allegedly marking a location of interest, they were much more likely to say that their dogs signalled an alert. Indeed, in the two rooms where red paper was present and sausages were not, 32 of a possible 36 alerts were raised. In the two where both red paper and sausages were present that figure was 30–not significantly different. In contrast, in search areas where a sausage was hidden but no red piece of paper was there for handlers to see, it was only 17.

The dogs, in other words, were distracted only about half the time by the stimulus aimed at them. The human handlers were not only distracted on almost every occasion by the stimulus aimed at them, but also transmitted that distraction to their animals–who responded accordingly. To mix metaphors, the dogs were crying “wolf” at the unconscious behest of their handlers.


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In simpler terms: The cop wants to get inside the car and the dog picks up on it. The dog signals, which tells the cop "hey lets get in the car".

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yup, there have been video's posted of cops tapping on the window to trigger the dog so that they can search.


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Yup. It's only a matter of time before a clever lawyer gets a dog to "alert" on a judge or someone else in the courtroom.