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Fuck Sam Biddle. You can tell he has an agenda from the very begining , his attitude and choice of words is an embarrassment to journalism. Now maybe I understand the position against gawker. He was going good discussing the subject but to add an 8chan post and try to add zionism to the issue to get some attention, all I can say is fuck off. seriously find something else to bang. The only issue here is admins/mods abusing power regardless of why they do it, the issue is abuse of power. Sam Biddle is trying to draw people in to this debate and pandering to emotions he feels can get on his side. I would advise him to do a bit more research and just a little more reading up on what is happening. I am not one for publicity but if someone wants to call him out publicly for this pathetic article please do!

Sorry - I mean Sam Biddle, image was by Jim Cooke, I changed it to reflect that. sorry Jim


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I really don't care much for the issue but for so called "journalist" to spin it to get attention or to try and push an agenda is a real piss off. These people have audiences that take what they write as gospel and they should be held accountable!


[–] NeptuneRises ago 

He's an embarrassment to bloggers.