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"Welcome to Western University! Here are your grey coveralls. Wearing them is mandatory at all times. Wearing any other clothing is punishable by expulsion."

What could be more welcoming than that? Maybe if there was a big "Arbeit macht frei" sign above the entrance...


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For equality, all students must also visit the campus hygiene office for their mandatory crew cut.


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Glory to Arstotzka


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Right? If you want to be acceptable and welcome more people you don't go about and invent some retarded dress code

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Do these invisible pants make my butt look big?


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The only universities that are doing this are those that actually don't matter.


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This PC bullshit is getting ridiculous. What is next limiting Halloween costumes? Cause lets face it it is only one day and some people are scared of real life zomibes. Oh, don't forgot toga parties are offensive to Greeks and Romans. On that note all college fraternities and sororities will need to change their names due to the use of cutural language and merge into non gender bias housing. Yeah, I got a little off topic from a frosh week dress code but the PC shit is heading there.


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If you want to be more welcoming, make your tuition free


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It seems like they constructed a problem, which they then solved in a completly wrong way. They are so sjw that they are anti sjw

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You're absolutely right. We need to promote tolerance by enforcing complete segregation of cultural practices to each respective ethnicity.


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Isn't that the whole point of a mohawk though? You are being rebellious. Plus, if it's anything like freshman orientation here, people get mohawks and all sorts of crazy hairstyles and dye them to get the freshmen pumped up for college.


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I don't understand this concept of "cultural appropiation", but I doubt that restricting clothing makes the university more welcoming. Banning revealing clothes is forbiding people from dressing how they like, limiting how people can express themselves. And forbidding these other clothes will just set apart those who wear them and make others fake their identity.


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In another world, the reasoning:

Man, we gotta keep the niggers, injuns, and punks from getting into our university, Bob.

I know. Hey! I've got it! Niggers, injuns, and punks love stupid hairdos! If we ban them, we won't have any!

In this world:

Bob, how do we become more inviting to minorities?

hmm...ban shit that some of them like and consider an integral part of their cultural identity?

yeah, good idea.

So, basically, welcome to bizzaro world. Everyone here is absofuckinglutely off-the-walls bloody insane.

edit: my phone's autocorrect sucks so badly


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That's one of the things I love about this crap. A few days ago there was a picture of a university admissions form that included a bunch of sexualities and pronoun business. If it were from 50 years ago it'd be seen in a completely different light.

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