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Aha! Did you read that his father was a black power activist at a College too?

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Oh jesus it makes sense... They even have fucking stupid white people backing them with that white guilt nonsense.

Im not guilty nor do i feel guilt for something i didnt do to people i never met in a time I didnt exist.


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That's really sad. So he turned him into a victim rather than impart to him any kind of self-worth? Way to break those chains of oppression.


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It is sad and pointless.


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I dont think it was from his father. Mentsk illness can warp everything you hear. He sounded like he may have some form of paranoid schizophrenia. So he would have twisted every word every action to be sgainst him.


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the BPP was generally a good idea until it was corrupted and ruined by the government.

edit: lol downvoted by people that hate gun rights, i guess. BPP was originally just black people openly exercising their right to bear arms


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Im sorry i ruined you black panther party.