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I have a hypothesis that modern america is driving people crazy... It's American individualism to the point where we have lost all sense of community.

I think you might be on to something here. Definitely in most of these cases the gunmen feel a profound sense of isolation from the world. To the extent that they feel themselves completely separate from the 'other' everyday people they choose to turn their wrath towards. I also believe that as well as isolation in all these case they feel a strong sense of impotence. They find themselves in a system they perceive as corrupt and where they essentially have no control. So they feel disenfranchised of all power to change their lives or the system itself. It's after a long time at this point that they decide the one way to assert their dominance is to wreck havoc on their environment and their perceived enemies in violent expression. It gives them one burst of total control in opposition to the years of powerlessness they have felt.

Ted Kaczynski now there's an classic example of Heller's quote, "Just because your paranoid don't mean there not after you.". He had been a victim of the government, he knew exactly what they were like, how they would destroy peoples lives, peoples sanity for whatever they decided was the greater good. Chew them up and spit them out. I'm not trying to condone his actions but he was very much a product of his environment.


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It's Fight Club