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Not really. If we apply Trump's reasonably sound logic to your argument, we could just say: if fat people can't get access to spoons to eat food, they'll just find another way to eat food without a spoon because they have an eating disorder (a recognised mental illness in itself). The problem is not guns, it is the fact that the controls in place are failing and if you trace things further back, it highlights the US health system is broken (but we already knew that).

Say we are able to better spot the signs of mental illness, what then? The for-profit healthcare system in the US will just expect the person who is sick to pay for their own treatment (or the family) through expensive appointments and pharmaceutical drugs. But what happens if the patient or the family can't pay? They go untreated and the problem remains. Guns don't kill people, people kill people.


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I think we are arguing for the same thing? Free health care and less gun control? I'm not sure. I have been in the desert for 12 days so I am not sure what I wrote previously.