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That's interesting, I feel the exact opposite. I don't think a lot of what he says makes any sense in any practical way. Maybe ideologically but it wouldn't work in the real world (i.e his great wall of mexico).

I think the fact he's an ass is his appeal. All the other politicians are so afraid of being an ass and trying to manufacture this fake image that will appeal to the greatest amount of people possible but Trump is like "Nah fuck that...this is how I am and this is how it is."

Even if you think he's wrong you have to appreciate his balls. He's a breath of fresh air.

EDIT: Forgot to add except for maybe this article. He does seem to make sense in the case IMO.


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don't think a lot of what he says makes any sense in any practical way

I feel like alot of politicians just use "its not practical" as an excuse to avoid an issue because its hard. Like politicians saying "Well we need to enforce the laws on the books before looking at the 14th amendment", which really means "We need to stop looking at this issue because its politically unpopular and hard to solve, so I will offer a vague objective thats impossible to measure".

Or people saying its impossible to deport 11 million people. Yeah, illegal immigration is going to be a hard thing to stop because we have been ignoring the problem for decades, but its not impossible. But those people don't want a solution. They want to stop talking about the problem(or just push amnesty).