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Typically I've seen some on the left immediately say Trump is evil and racist for doing this despite the fact Ramos was entirely in the wrong. He's not even enough of a professional journalist he can wait to be called like everyone else. If anything else it's just disrespectful to those who are waiting their turn.

Ramos even came in later and got to ask more questions than anyone else which frankly was pretty generous of Trump after his childish behaviour.

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Who the hell let you leave the kiddie table? Go back downstairs with the other 3rd graders so the adults can speak.


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Downvote because mh101. Suck, suck, suck my nuuuuts.


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If anything else it's just disrespectful to those who are waiting their turn.

Ironic considering the illegal immigration issue is probably the source of his false sense of entitlement.


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As a non American who doesn't know the social evidence behind your comment, that seems like a wild assertion.


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I was reading your comment, and coincidentally heard Rachel Maddow in the background on my tv at just the right time, so far she's claimed "Trump made the situation tense", Trump had him "dragged out"(even though clearly he's walking slowly while shouting don't touch me, "Ramos managed to get back in even though he stood up to such a powerful figure", "trump was bragging to Mr. Ramos about how big his lawsuit on Ramos' employers company was"(which is true but the context was Ramos was referencing a poll Uni-Vision conducted and Trump was just discrediting them entirely", "Ramos was just a taste of what the real world is like, you can't just tell reality to shutup, in reality you have to deal with confrontation". The tagline the story was "I can't deal with this", something he muttered after he was cut off from speaking for the 50th time by Mr. Ramos, and it was set to a blurry picture of Trump looking confused and angry. So yeah, pretty much exactly what you/everyone who is sick of this shit predicted the liberals would say. I didn't hear the word racist come out of her mouth, but it was certainly implied. I say this as a somewhat liberal Democrat also, completely unbiased, I just can't stand SJW's and their bullshit. I'd be ashamed to have a president who just stood by and let some petulant protected journalist disrespect him, and everyone who showed up to hear him speak, and to ask questions. I think most people wish he would have been more harsh on Ramos, and Trump is the type of candidate who will take notice of what the people want, and actually do it next time.


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I think he'd have been better off with something along these lines:

"You have my attention now and you have stopped the remainder of these journalists from doing their job of providing information for the American citizen. You and your media outlet will never be allowed access to my staff or myself again - as in barred from all my activities on private property. You have said you and your question are more important than all of these journalists. You have said that your ego is so inflated that these people do not matter. You have insisted that the public ignore the rest of the media in favor of you and your ego.

"Seeing as you have done a disservice to this country and its principle foundations... Seeing as you are unwilling to wait your turn... Seeing as you have sacrificed your career... Seeing as you have financially harmed the company that you work for... I am still going to wait, just for you and your impatience and superiority complex, and we'll all listen to your question and I will answer it - after that you will leave with your career shot and your employer in ruins. What, again, was your question? I suggest you make it a good one as it is the only one you'll ever have..."

I am not voting for Trump, most certainly not, but I'd have a huge amount of respect if he'd done something like that and I'd have been very entertained.


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I heard that Ramos isn't even a Sr. Journalist, but is simply an Anchor. Not only that, but he was speaking over actual Journalists and denying them the right to voice their questions.