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The fact that they started the list off with people complaining about accepting a salaried position and not understanding what salaried means gets an instant "NEXT" from me


[–] Tacklebox [S] 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

If that's your take away from the link then you're missing the big picture. The worker's ignorance shouldn't be used as a weapon against them at any juncture.


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There's literally nothing to complain about though. "I accepted an exempt position and...surprise! I didn't get paid overtime". So fucking stupid


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Don't worry, as most of the people here love to spout off, they create jobs, and you should be grateful to lick their boots for it. Eventually they will have to piss and the gold in their piss will trickle down on top of you.


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Right...right..."Job Creators". I've heard that happy horse-shit before. They create "wage slaves". We're talking about companies that pay their CEO's and CFO's hundreds of millions a year. They prey on the disenfranchised and poor because they are opportunistic and understand that in our current global crisis of poverty, that the desperate, hungry masses can help their "bottom line". Fuck these corporate slave traders and everything they stand for. Capitalism is a maniacal, weaponized and broken machine that is long overdue for the scrap yard.