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(1) Japan has been in a slump for about 20 years

A big problem is that economists like to measure total economic growth, not per-capita growth.

Adding more people is a great recipe for growth, but it doesn't actually make the individual people richer. Japan's economic growth looks stagnant because their population is decreasing, but their quality of life continues to increase.

Population growth is great for the class of people who own things for a living, not so great for those who work for a living.


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Your logic is basically protectionism. It's the same logic that says we shouldn't import cars from Japan, because it's bad for the "workers."

That ignores the fact that trade, in general, makes us all wealthier. No one would really take seriously the idea that banning the importation of cars helps anyone but a handful of factory workers, or that banning the importation of labor helps anyone but a handful of low-skill American works; all at the expense of the rest of the country. A basic truism of economics is that trade is an arrangement that mutually benefits both parties. Hence, the more trade, the better. That includes not just capital, but labor.


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Huh? I never argued against free trade.