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And France too.

In fact one of Japan's really anti-immigration Prime Minister gaffed telling his elderly population to "hurry up and die" cause of the country's problems.

That's what makes the problem so difficult in those countries. the government doesn't like the mass of immigration any more than their populace but they're looking at the big picture. Either you drop the birth control or the elderly will dry you out.

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Exactly, it would be as simple as increasing the tax deduction for families with children. Middle class pay an effective tax rate of around 50% and the deduction of children and child care expenses isn't high enough so almost any middle class family with kids is struggling financially.

Meanwhile immigrants and poor can live in government provided housing and qualify for programs that cover everything from their food, utilities, cell phones, to education and since they aren't working they have no daycare expenses. It's not at all surprising that the poor are outbreeding the working.

Many social programs require that you not own a car worth more than x amount of money, own a home etc. so even when the working class fall on hard times they aren't entitled to benefit from the programs they pay into without first selling off their possessions.

The government wouldn't even need to pay the middle class a dime, all they have to do is allow them to keep more of the income they earn to solve the problem. It will equal less tax revenue but the same is true of completely supporting immigrants who are far more likely to be on social programs, commit crimes, or end up in jail.

By the numbers the policies in place today are wiping out the white population while they work to pay for everyones kids but their own.


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I've been thinking the same thing about this country too. But it's hard in a first world society. People do what's financially prudent and what works with their employment schedule. Japan and the US work ridiculously long hours with little time available for growing a family. Your boss/clients become your other children. In the US at least company's are not so hot on government intervention of work hours and benefits.

I don't know what France's excuse is. OK I just found a story I read a while ago that disagrees with my preconceived notions of France's work week. But still they have longer vacations.