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You're an idiot if you think that Japan has been in a slump because of no immigration. Japan is in a slump because they listened to dumb leftist economists who told them that the only way to recover from their 1989 BOJ-induced bubble was to implement Keynesian Economics and now their suffering from a Liquidity Trap

You want to know a country that doesn't have any illegal immigration and is prospering while everywhere else is going to shit? Israel. Not fucking communist North Korea you mongoloid.


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You are an idiot who thinks of self as really smart because you watch fux news.

You are spouting bullshit about keynesian economics like you heard it on fux news. Please stop.


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This is absolute bullshit. Israel suffers immigration problems from Africans who just keep coming.


[–] sp00kygh0st 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago They take immigration way more seriously


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Nothing makes me take you more seriously than starting off, and ending with, grammatically incorrect insults.

You realize that something like 50% of current Israelis were foreign-born, right? Not that that helps either one of our arguments: its PPP is around 50th in the world.


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You realize that they only accept immigrant Jews right? They are tribalists who want to keep Israel Jewish and white. It's so extreme for them that they are making immigrants take DNA tests to prove that they're Jewish and are denying Ethiopian Jews from Israel, but we're the crazy ones for wanting to keep our country free from illegals.