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Houses in Japan, what with all the earthquakes, fires, atom bombs, and prehistoric monster attacks, weren’t built to last. This is how things have always worked in Japan.

When I did my homestay in Japan as a high school student, I lived in a home that has been lived in by 17 generations of the same family.

My in-laws' parents all live in homes that are all over 100 years old.

This article seems to be looking to oversimplify things.

And on the topic of legal immigration, it was cheaper and easier for me to move to, and work in, Japan than it was for me to bring my wife and children to America after the 3/11 earthquake. (My children were already US citizens with Certificates of Birth Abroad and US Passports by virtue of my citizenship) We spent well over $1000 over several months paying for our own background checks, putting our bio-metric data into the US government's databases and paying for one of five certified physicians in Japan to conduct one of the most overpriced physicals possible.

The way we handle legal immigrants is sub-optimal. The way we allow illegal immigrants is worse. The juxtaposition of the two is very frustrating.


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This article seems to be looking to oversimplify things.

And not even a good job at that. I can oversimply things even better than them: Japan is so overcrowded that it can't even hold all of the Japanese people at once, let alone let immigrants in. Ever wondered why there's so many caravans of Japanese tourists all around the world?


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What did 311 do? Did they do 911? Is that why they're no longer relevant?


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3/11 is the date of the Great East Japan Earthquake.