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It's pretty easy to see the problems with illegal immigration and the effects on the economy, all the pro-immigration people do is argue with feelings

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I also just heard a story on the news about an illegal immigrant raping someone on a college campus. 

Was the offender German? No? South Korean then?


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America was founded on illegal immigration, and it isn't doing so bad. (Remember, that's how all the damn white people got in.)

Illegal immigration only sucks at the beginning and for the lazy. Chill out and try harder and you'll stand a better chance of not losing your job to someone more efficient.

I would rather let the efficient immigrant take the lazy local's job. I don't need to feel anything about anyone to hold that belief. It is based in pretty basic economic theory. All I assert is that I'd be wealthier and healther if my neighbor (e.g. someone who bakes my bread) did their job better and cheaper.


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All credible economists agree that (1) Japan has been in a slump for about 20 years, (2) the immigration heavy US has the highest, in absolute terms, PPP of industrial countries.

You want to see a country without immigration? North Korea is your role model. If you could, I'd recommend you move there: its ideology is similar to yours.


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You're an idiot if you think that Japan has been in a slump because of no immigration. Japan is in a slump because they listened to dumb leftist economists who told them that the only way to recover from their 1989 BOJ-induced bubble was to implement Keynesian Economics and now their suffering from a Liquidity Trap

You want to know a country that doesn't have any illegal immigration and is prospering while everywhere else is going to shit? Israel. Not fucking communist North Korea you mongoloid.


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(1) Japan has been in a slump for about 20 years

A big problem is that economists like to measure total economic growth, not per-capita growth.

Adding more people is a great recipe for growth, but it doesn't actually make the individual people richer. Japan's economic growth looks stagnant because their population is decreasing, but their quality of life continues to increase.

Population growth is great for the class of people who own things for a living, not so great for those who work for a living.


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Okay, here's a logical argument: we should let them do our fighting for us. Make it so the only way to get citizenship is US military service and bam, we suddenly get shit tons of war fighters. It's a win win for everyone.

We'd get tons of legal immigrants and we'd have a troop surge.


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That's how Rome fell. Barbarian mercs in the army. Disloyal.


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Would probably cost us too much money to teach them English, how to read English, and all the other required stuff before shipping them out. If it cost less money too, then that would just lower the wage in the army