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Easily the biggest lesson to learn from the Holocaust is "it can happen here", but it never is; instead we focus on half the victims that came from the largest group to suffer a targeted extermination campaign when the Wehrmacht killed more people on the eastern front while treating the Nazis as some unique evil that can never be repeated.

But Portman is right: the fetishistic obsession with the Holocaust is driving out almost any discussion of the modern genocides that have happened this decade and are happening even today. It's perhaps time that we as a society started moving to put it in its proper place.


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The good thing is that, in several European countries, it can be criminal to dispute a piece of the Holocaust:

(woops, I think people missed my sarcasm)


Under the 1990 Gayssot Act, anyone who “disputes the existence of crimes against humanity” carried out by the Nazis can be punished by one month’s to one year’s imprisonment or a hefty fine. The French state says it will now try to ban videos of Dieudonne's performances from the internet.


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Thoughtcrime. I should be able to dispute it if I damn well feel like it.


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The Natizi Government is what committed all those crimes. What does the French government have in common with the Natizis Government?