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“Natalie should understand that the Holocaust which befell us cannot be compared to other tragedies – our empathy notwithstanding. It was not merely hatred, it was a policy whose aim was to systematically wipe out a whole people from the face of the world,”

From Wikipedia:

Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious or national group.

So which is it?


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Do people not understand the words that they're writing about when writing articles?


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Pretty much, yeah.


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It's a quote. You want to author / journalist to change the quote because it's stupid?


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Yep. It's all about the click-a-bait journalistic world.


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No... No they don't. They then rewrite the definitions and say, "It means this now, not that, so fuck you."

Words have definitions for a reason. People need to stop ignoring that.


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This one's from the American Heritage dictionary:

The deliberate destruction of an entire race or nation. The Holocaust conducted by the Nazis in Germany and the Rwandan genocide are examples of attempts at genocide.

Interesting because it references both genocides in question.


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Soooo, neither of them were genocides? Merely attempts at genocide? I may use this... probably not.


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City-slicker, git yur azz off me form befurr Iz getz muh shttguhn.

The nerve of some people, to bring up pre-existing standards that validate a contentous post!


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if memory serves, i believe it was something like 90 tons of German war-time documents that were captured by the allies during and after WW2

in not a single document is there any evidence that there was a policy to exterminate the Jews - the policy was one of extradition, not extermination, and all of the credible evidence points to this

as a matter of fact, thousands of 1/2 Jewish or less people served in Hitlers' army, some attaining very high ranks, and the in the capital city of Berlin, the Jews had a functioning synagogue until it was bombed by the allies

there are a plethora of points from which to attack the official story that 6 million Jews were murdered, but one of the most obvious is the alleged homicidal gas chambers themselves

take for instance the alleged homicidal gas chamber at the main Auschwitz camp which is a prominent stop for all tourists which visit it

first, you have to understand that hydrogen cyanide is a highly flammable gas that is extremely dangerous to handle - any enclosure which is used to contain this gas MUST provide the following features:

  • it must be hermetically sealed to avoid poisoning those outside of it
  • it must have explosion-proof electrical fixtures
  • there must be a method for which to safely introduce the gas without risk of exposing others nearby
  • there should absolutely be a circulation system in place to distribute the gas inside the enclosure, else it could take hours to kill the victims, especially if they were "packed in like sardines" as we are let to believe
  • there must be a method whereby the gas can be exhausted without exposing nearby personal

now look at these photographs and ask yourself if this "gas chamber" meets these qualifications...

gas chamber door at Auschwitz main camp - can a thin wooden door (with a window no less) really stand up against thousands of people beating against it who are dying a slow, excruciating death? and how does one open this door after the victims collapsed since it opens inward? surely bodies would have collapsed against the door

crematory chimney not attached to the building is a post-war construction

"gas chamber" lacks any blue staining that would be present as a result of repeated exposure to hydrogen cyanide gas - this blue staining is so permanent that it is visible over 70 years later on the exterior walls of gas chambers which nobody argues were used for disinfection purposes (cloths, bedding, etc.)

plumbing fixtures for toilets - in a gas chamber?

the roof vents where the zyklon-B pellets were dropped - these were hastily constructed post-war and are not present in any war-time aerial photographs

one fact many tend to forget is that it was alleged that exterminations were taking place at all (or nearly all) of the prison, work and relocation camps - i believe the number was around 27 if memory serves - today, that number has been officially reduced to just a few camps, all of which are located in Poland and all of which could not be properly examined by allied forensic scientists since they were located behind the Iron Curtain

since then, some forensic studies have been done, though the first studies that i am aware of were done illegally since the Polish historians will not allow any forensic investigations

one of the two most well-known reports was written by Fred Leuchter and the other by a very brave young man named Germer Rudolf

Polish officials were obviously embarrassed by these reports, so they conducted their own investigation and shot themselves in the foot as a result and have therefore tried to quietly bury their finding

ALL of the other alleged homicidal gas chambers in all of the remaining ~5 camps are also just as easily disproved, but the keystone of the holocaust is Auschwitz - without a policy of extermination at Auschwitz, the remainder of the alleged holocaust falls to pieces

probably very few people know this, but the alleged death toll at Auschwitz was ~4 million prior to the Zundel trial, after which the Polish historians were forced to revise their figures by agreeing on a new lie of ~1.1 million (according to the museum website, although it also contradicts itself with an even lower number)

welcome to Jewish holocaust math, where 6 million - 3 million = 6 million

even Wikipedia uses this figure in spite of the fact that no serious holocaust historian does, whether pro-exterminationist or otherwise

and, as i said, the biggest victim of this hoax is the average Jewish person who is taught that they are victims and live their lives thinking that everyone hates them because they are literally taught this in their schools


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Why did your post garner downvotes yet no reply as to why they downvoted you? I really dislike the way voting on here and reddit has been practiced the past few years. Even if I may not agree with the conclusion evidence in your post points to, it's relevant to discussion and provides an interesting alternative view, so thank you.


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Facts are unimportant. Do you know questioning the Holocaust "truths" (as given by Jews) is punishable by prison terms up to 5 years in 15 countries throughout Europe (you might say 14, but Romania just made it illegal too). No wonder Atko had to move his operations to the U.S. He'd be in prison right now and have Voat removed by his ISP for a second time.

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Whichever side that gives the author a platform to stand on and shout out about how bad shit is for them AND NO ONE ELSE!!!!