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Until colleges and universities are given an incentive to find the truth instead of to find more students guilty, the prevalence of false or unjustifiable accusations will likely only increase.

In my opinion colleges and universities should not be able to find someone guilty of some felony. Thats what the police and the DA is for. Colleges and Universities should educate and not pose as a second class executive and judicative conglomerate.


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came here to quote this too. totally spot on.

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That is indeed a problem, but not investigating will certainly lead to somebody crying out that the universities are "doing nothing" while people are being victimized. It's not going to be easy to deal with that.


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Well, actually it is easy. Its not your job. Simple as that.

Universities dont go to war, dont produce railways and so on. They educate. Armys go to war and railways producers produce railways. You wont say that the Army or the railway producers are "doing nothing" to stop sexual assaults among students.

When a student has been sexually assaulted or attacked in any other way, the student has to go to the police. Because its the polices job to look into it and maybe arrest someone. When the suspect has been found guilty the College/University can exmatriculate that person (he won't attend any classes anyway). Thats it. It is the judicatives job to find someone guilty and the judicative is the only one who can find someone guilty. No one else should be able to do this.


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I never understood why schools took things so far. I can understand a suspension (one that includes them being able to complete school work and mail it in so they aren't screwed) but that should go for both students so the matter can be sorted without causing a scene. It protects the school from being sued and is reasonable. It should be a short suspension until the cops finish the investigation. The cops need for the case to be a priority so the situation is resolved and people can move on.


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In my opinion colleges and universities should not be able to find someone guilty of some felony.

They can't, really.

What happens is that they find the student to be in violation of their rules/code of conduct/whatever and subject them to disciplinary action, sometimes including expulsion. They can do this based on just about any standard of evidence that they wish since it's their own rules, but their disciplinary actions have no meaning or force outside of the school.

It's similar to being fired because your boss thinks you were stealing. Just because your boss fired you for it, doesn't mean you're actually guilty or have even been charged with anything. Your boss might pursue such charges if there were sufficient evidence, but just because there wasn't doesn't mean that your boss can't still fire you if they're convinced you did it.


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Yes, I know that disciplinary action doesn have the meaning of a court sentence.

They can do this based on just about any standard of evidence that they wish since it's their own rules, but their disciplinary actions have no meaning or force outside of the school.

But I think the part where those disciplinary action having no effect outside the school is not completly right. I dont know how it really is on US Colleges and Universities, but when I see the media coverage those disciplinary actions get, it feels more like a witch-hunt than anything else. Being subject of a witch-hunt probably has a huge effect on your daily life outside school.


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Woohoo! Finally!


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Don't worry, she will get a slap on the wrist.


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Still better than ignoring the problem completely


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but she did falsely accuse someone of groping her. it's not rape she is accusing someone of. there obviously should be punishment fitting what punishment any potential falsely accused could have gotten.


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A small step forward is better than no step or a step backward.


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Lindsey Sweetin and Julia Garcia both trying to hit the sue University of Arkansas jackpot? fuckers.

I wonder how many have gotten away with it - remember that cunt on video saying "OK, I admit you didn't rape me, but I am not paying back that money". Was given 1.5 MIIILLLIIIOOON dollars for claiming she was raped by someone she never had sex with.


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A common claim among sexual assault activists is that taking action against false accusers would prevent real victims from coming forward. Capt. Crain made clear that false accusations won't make the police more skeptical of future accusers.

While I understand where they are coming from with this sentiment, to report a false claim as serious as this and get away with it is far worse.

The accused's life is often in shambles after the accusations come out. Their academic or professional careers can ruined immediately after accusations, not verdicts. Friends and family often shun the accused, even after they are proven innocent.

And the lying victim? They are considered a champion against rape (bed carrying liar) or they are praised for "raising the issue," (Rolling Stones article). This isn't fair at all. Anyone who lies to this degree should face the consequences of ruining a life/lives.

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Because radical feminists and their sexist fallacies allowed/enabled/encouraged them to be.


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Let's be honest, a substantial percentage of women are this way by default, and have been throughout history--it's part of the factory settings. In the past, they were limited by their subordinate status, so their irrationality and interpersonal cruelty were largely limited to friends, family, and other members of their immediate communities (but here and there they still found ways to exert their will on society as a whole--Women's Temperance Movement is a great example).

Now that they have both power and relative impunity, we would see these kinds of things happening, rad fem movement or not. I don't deny that the rad fems have exacerbated the problem, but what I'm saying is, the movement is a natural outgrowth of common female thought/behavior in the context of power/impunity, rather than some anomalous ideological virus that is in and of itself causing women to behave this way.


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It's about time these people are held accountable for their actions. The biggest problem I have with false allegations of this nature is that it marginalizes actual victims and takes away their credibility. What is so difficult to understand about that?


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Good. There needs to be severe punishment for false & malicious accusations.


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About fucking time

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