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[–] eggnogg 7 points 35 points (+42|-7) ago 

This isn't about black people. This is about the 1% who keep getting richer while the rest of the country gets poorer. Tuition and living costs keep going up and when you graduate you end up taking the same shitty wage working for the 1% if you're lucky.

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[–] Skwerley 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

It happens, most people I would imagine don't think it's a good idea to default on loans. If they do, there's a fucking issue with the middle and high schools in this country that teach 0 things about money. "Columbus day, black history month, dress code, say the pledge, here's a diploma!" These kids are not prepared for the immediate and vicious predatory behavior of the real world.


[–] President-Sanders 1 point 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

Tuition and living costs are going up because of the fake-jobs we have inflating the economy, morons taking government hand-out jobs, government inflated paper-degrees and trying to crow-bar their way into an ideological 'non-working-class' of middling-managers and checklist fuckwads.

It's the anti-think marxist SJWanker movement of subhuman scum who are trying to hold society hostage through need-based and story-feels-based economy.

THIS is corroding the middle-class, this is inflating the economy improperly and that's why we have underproduction and underthinking and over-entitlement.

We moved into a engineering based economy and those who cannot even think analytically are adapting with the most disgusting commie bullshit ever pulled.


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Without the fake jobs unemployment would be 3-4 times what it is now. Everything is getting outsourced or automated, we only need like 10% of the able bodied population to work, the rest could just literally jack off all day and we'd all be happy. The 10% that work would get a bit extra for luxuries plus they get to brag to everyone how they're the cornerstone of civilization and everyone would be happy.


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Seems like its all part of a fragile foundation...weak support beams ay? Who put those beams there....


[–] FuckRedditSJWFaggots 1 point 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

"Waaah waaah I can't pay my bills because my skills aren't as great as I thought before I entered the real world".

If there is one thing college should teach the pussies these days is life is hard.


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Thanks to affirmative action, black people who otherwise wouldn't be qualified to get into colleges are accepted. And being poor they end up taking out college loans to fund it, then they they drop out because there isn't affirmative action for grades.

Whoever thought that letting in unqualified black students would somehow correct past injustices was an idiot.