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TL;DR for those who didn't read the article: The kid was refused this semester because the school was full, and the parents were told they could register her for the next semester.

Title is true, but misleading.


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Man, the internet has certainly enhanced my ability to become aware of meaningless non-stories on the other side of the planet that don't concern me in the least.


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Hello JIDF


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Except she missed out for an entire year, because she's not jewish.

You can't refuse somebody because they're not white, then say "uh yeah might be a bit racist, you can come in next year because we're full.

Yeah, that's right. We're full. So its now your fault because we offered you a place now, but you're not taking it so its now your fault and we're not to blame and we're full and you're not a Jew- Cough- I mean, we're full.


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Except the article says that very claim by the schools is being disputed by the father who says he got a very different response when he tried to register the child. He claims that the school only brought up the being full excuse after he got a lawyer involved and started filing complaints


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I was going to ask "Isnt Israel the good guy of the movie" but the parents are the shit guys


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This my personal life experience and not meant to describe anything other than my experience. I am sure many other people have their own experience. I also had a perspective without any religious background other than a couple Unitarian visits. I did not see this or learn this first as a child, but an adult independent person with core values. So no claim to universal application is made other than this is what I felt and experienced in my life.

Why are people are surprised? How I learned why segregation was morally wrong was actually a personal experience. I am definitely at least 1/8th Jewish perhaps 1/4 Jewish, but only the 1/8th we have very old paperwork to prove. My mother is not Jewish, it comes from my father.

Anyway an experience is seared into my memory. The absolute look of terror on the Rabbi's face as he ran towards us at the swimming pool, it frightened me, he was reacting to an emergency. It took a while to hit me fully that the emergency was I was about to get into the swimming pool and ruin it. See some of the proven 100% Jewish children, were already in the water, his terror was the result that I might contaminate them by entering the water before he pulled them out of the pool to safety.

I have been close to the Jewish community due to my father being 1/4 to 1/2 Jewish (it will never be proven to their satisfaction, it is 1/2 but some of those documents vanished into WW2). People who can prove 3/4 and have someone vouch for the last quarter can make aliyah.

Anyway if you want to know about Judaism, put down the bible, study the Talmud, and your eyes will open some, it will also be clear why some Jewish people are good lawyers. They are used to arguing fine points in interpreting laws.

The religion is based on "choseness" that G-d chose the Jewish people from among all tribes on the earth to remain separate, and this a status that is very special, and that is why intermarriages of Jews to non-Jews are so discouraged. Actually go get the Talmud, stop reading "the old testament" the guide to being Jewish is in the Talmud.

I almost converted, and almost married a Jewish woman, that moment at the swimming pool made me want to be Jewish more than anything. A person who knows me well told me the truth, I could convert, but I would never be Jewish to most Israelis, if I wanted acceptance, I needed to prepare for never getting full trust from the community, and would need to make a personal peace with G-d by obeying him, after 2-3 generations of arranged marriages to Jewish partners, no one would think of my descendants as anything but pure Jewish. He advised to take peace in this. Then he said as a convert I would be matched to a woman no one in the community would take, and it might be challenging. we could eventually move to Israel but only if we practiced the strictest Orthodox Judaism, and had all the panels agree and recognize each other. (It is complex, many converts are denied aliyah, especially Reform! Reform converts are simply considered gentiles by 85% of Israelis.) There are groups in Judasim extremely concerned about the conversion issues, and arewworking to welcome converts, and help them move to Israel after some time, while making the rules about "who is a REAL Jew? Less elitist and eventually getting Israel to recognize some conservative conversions that meet standards witnessed by a Israeli beit din.

His honesty about what my real conversion experience would be in warning me that I could follow the law better than anyone, but a certified Jewish mother whose son was an athiest, that athiest would be treated as more Jewish than me most of the time. He encouraged me to find some groups working to change this and welcome converts, but it meant relocation, and finding a new job. Long ago conversion was common. Now it is a racial club if you want the truth, with many open atheists entering Israel without a hitch. It is easier with the right grandparents than if you are a convert that has given their life to observance, even after a decade in the USA they may have trouble and a lot of back and forth before citizenship.

What sealed it for me was when my girlfriends parents met me a few times and I just was not Jewish. She chose her inheritance over getting engaged. They take this very seriously. There is the world as it is inside the group, and a different world entered when among the other peoples.

Jewish people are so smart and loving, I wish they would share the times sitting in a circle singing songs together, helping each other, I would love to see Judaism open up more to anyone who wants to participate in those times, is moderately smart, healthy, self supporting, and beyond that able to contribute.

I have a recurring nightmare that I am in a van or bus driving through Jerusalem, and I can feel G-d is present outside the bus, I can see him (not like an object) but something in the wind an air is awe and love and power - I yearn, but I can never get off the bus and into the city, into the presence.

My take having worked in kosher groceries trusted to prevent anyone accidentally put a traif knife into the kosher area, kept a kosher diet for three years, studied Talmud, and been around Jewish people when they are alone?

There is a line for in the group or not in the group - what side of that line you are on is a huge deal, it is everything, I was at a convention, we were doing vegetarian for the week. I saw so many people look at others and know, just by watching them for maybe 30 seconds, if they were Jewish or their for some other reason.

It is an amazing this, Judaism. I am very sad that the rules Nazis used for identifying Jews are used by Israel, so no one who would have been vulnerable will ever be without a country. I am sad full recognition and authenticity is more about your blood than the Talmud.

I am happy I got to know a lot of Jewish people. However, the chosen and separate concept, and the emphasis currently on genealogy and birth so that an atheist with a Jewish mother will always be "Jewish" and be in network if they never do anything but keep connected to relatives.

I am sure this is going to make some people crazy I tell this in public (perhaps be more welcoming to converts after three years?) - but Judaism is currently primarily determined by who your parents were, which is "race," and many Jewish denominations practice self-segregation, same neighborhoods, same country club, and only if you want the community bringing up your grave error misfortune and some times I heard intermarriage discussed as something terrible, "a betrayal." A lot of young Jewish people are under enormous pressure to marry another Jewish person.

All these lines, we are the chosen, it is partial segregation, and to most Jews not in the most recent liberal reformists movements, you are different, Jews are separate and chosen and you are not.

That does not mean you cannot be a good person, someone honored by G-d and even holy, often though these gentiles were recognized and discussed as righteous often for their actions helping Jewish people.

There is also a tremendous amount of pressure to succeed. I have mixed feelings even today, but in the end decided the sum of all my experiences were troubling to me.

Read the Talmud, get a guide that tells you where to go and in what order to ease you in, consider an Orthodox conversion (if as masochistic as me), it is a good experience and you will learn a lot, there is definitely something there, but I saw constant double standards, and what seemed hypocritical to me, and I brought it up, there are laws for Jews, and laws for non-Jews, they are from G-d, the laws that apply to non-Jews are not nearly as morale as you must treat your brother. Brother means Jew, it was never meant to mean, some stinky uncivilized, barbarian who may not be alive to the extent to benefit from an ancestral covenant.

Ugh, bottom line, I love Judaism, I do not love how hard they work to try to keep outsiders away from the inner life that is so amazing. To this day I am deeply conflicted, and often am religious and practicing to the extent I can alone. Not to win the approval or acceptance of a group that I think created a need to meet a standard when I was a child at that swimming pool.


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You need to take your meds.


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You found it Chillul Hashem?

Rabbis disagree about everything and they always will, what was that I suggested these people be amazed by, Talmud?

Rabbis argue about all these rules, and there is definitely a big current in Israel that unless a guer is specifically mentioned, then all positive obligations apply only to other Jews. I just think more people should see the Talmud who are not born Jewish, with a guide first. It is in many ways confused by most people.

I applaud Israel for the 2014 reforms that actually made it possible for converts to have less hassle and diminish the cruel rejections.

Although, why it made some Jews angry to the point of filling the streets and claiming the end of Israel, is a little concerning.

As soon as rabbi told me to wear my woven kippah almost all the time I got some of where this separate came from. Sometimes people would just stare, and to really keep these commands you need to be able to walk to shul. Actually some of the commands to have no purpose other than to create distance, and when the rabbis made interpretation, if they thought that it would be exaggerated in Rabbinic law.


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Getting so sick of shock factor headlines that are borderline lies.


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HEIL Netanyahu!


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that kid will forever be

on the outside looking in

shouldn't have had a black kid

in a white nationalist theme park

i blame the parents


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For not being Jewish, or for being black?


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For not being Jewish enough.


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This very real and subject to tedious ongoing debates, I shared something below, but take it anecdotally, someone else, in another country may have an entirely different experience.


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I don't know which I hate more, the systematical killer kikes, or the pedophile worshiping jigabduls.