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Jewish invaders*


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Ah, so these are Jewish invaders but the terrorist ragheads settling in Europe illegally are poor maligned refugees.

Muslims always have a cry and call themselves victims.

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I'm definitely not muslim, i just oppose genocide of the white race.

Muslims are not sending their African immigrant to Europe,[1] [2] calling for "mass migration" to Europe,[3] or funding black migration to europe.[4]


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Al Jazeera is trash when it comes to stuff about muslims and jews. Their media is about heroic and victimized muslims and evil greedy jews much like in the west and our heroic 4th generation holocaust survivors and the evil racist anglos.


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The irony being that Judaism is about separating Jews, the chosen, allegedly so they can follow commandments better, but same stuff is practiced by athiests. If it is a religion, then people who never practice or even celebrate holidays, should not be Jewish. However fastest ticket to Aliyah is to be born to two Jewish parents.

Look at the every day ads warning against intermarriage only in Hebrew, funny never mentioned in West, not sure how it is really different than open commercials against black white marriage.


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There is no difference in a holy book and an ad campaign molding your beliefs, they target easy to exploit feelings like shame and fear. Stop trying to blame Jews for the cuckery going on in the west, everyone knows they can't beat Islam and groids when it comes to population growth and they do nothing good for you in if they live near you. The sooner Europe realizes this the less horrible the correction of the problem will be. Backstabbing hypocritical groups like Jews will always be a problem in humanity even if we make it to space, but stupid and exploitable people can be addressed with a bit of bravery and shamelessness.


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It varies from media to media, when you look at the last few years yes there have been a few muslim attacks, there have also been a number of Isreali attacks on Palastine. If one side kills civilians of the other does that justify killing civilians on the other side? Was 9/11 justified after the US destabalized the middle east? No it wasn't, was the US justified in destabalizing the middle east after Soviets interaction? No it wasn't. Do the majority of muslims carry the responsibility of 9/11 no they don't. Can we please stop acting as if a number of insane Jews, Muslims, Americans, Cristians, Soldiers, Politicians ext. justify more violence because they don't. The only way to peace is to stop holding groups responsible for the actions of a few. The 4th generation holocaust survivers does not have any more special rights. The past is the past is the past and trying to justify current actions by what happens more then 70 years ago (or 1000 or 2000) isn't going to help anyone,

And As for biased media I have yet to see any media that actually understands this point. They are all biased in one way or another and anyone who does not seek to believe this and calls the media on one side biased without calling the other side biased is him/herself also biased.


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the jew brigade has found voat