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I have no idea who Ashley Madison or Josh Duggar are.


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Ashley Madison is a dating site for married people who want to have an affair. More here

Josh Duggar used to be on a reality show called 19 kids and counting. The family is deeply religious and say they believe in traditional family values. He was also an executive director of the family research council which "promotes what it considers to be traditional family values, by advocating and lobbying for socially conservative policies". Earlier this year it was revealed that Josh molested his sisters about a decade ago.

Due to the molestation scandal, he resigned from his position and the reality show about his family was cancelled.

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You know there are going to be more than one marriage where both partners were cheating on each other.


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Those marriages were over long before the cheaters registered on that website, just that now the cheated-on spouse can stop living in denial.


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I'm interested in what the suicide numbers attributed to this hack are gonna be


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There are sex tapes of a prostitute named Ashley Madison. Apparently her big thing was taking a dump her sexual partners. She, unbeknownst to her sexual partners, filmed all of her interactions. She died under "suspicious circumstances" and her house was investigated. Well, her secret tapes were found. It's currently incredibly difficult to find any releases of the tapes, but that's the gist of what's going on.