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Who is the brain?


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It's entirely likely that it's either someone we've never heard of, or someone/some group we'd be unlikely to suspect. Theories range from the upswing in social justice noise being a russian operation to raise trouble between americans, to the US government itsself stirring it up to keep us distracted from real issues.


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I'm thinking it was more of an organic reaction by washed-up '60's and '70's feminists who were scared their university positions would no longer be relevant, or their book deals would fall through. Find some young, stupid girls on Tumblr looking for someone to hate and spit vitriol on because no sane high school boy would let his dick get anywhere near their crazy pussies, light a match, toss in some gasoline, and viola! You have third wave feminism, more Women's Studies classes advocating that penises are the root cause of all evil, and book deals are suddenly back on the table.

Seriously, it may sound cynical but I think the whole movement was kicked off by people looking to cash in on old rhetoric, who couldn't be bothered to come up with another way to put money in the bank.

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