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Well. You do have a point. Many first world countries have some great ideals on their constitution, humanism etc.

The only thing disturbing to me is that I've learned quite some time ago that governments actually dont give a fuck about humanism, at all. No I mean, really. They simply dont.

It then brings the question: why are they doing this? (opening the borders to immigrants etc). What are the planned benefits for them and their friends ( the industrials, bankers etc)? Or what? There's necessarily something going on . Is this only to counter the ageing of the "native" populations? Is it meant to enlarge the work force with people less prone to fight for their labor rights? Is it, like some extremists claims, to dilute the original culture, create confusion which makes mass manipulation easier? Importing a mass of potential voters?

Because, once again, you can not convince me that they're doing this because " oh my god the poor Syrians we got to help them!" Lolno , to believe they actually think like that is pure foolishness. I can not believe that. And many people don't buy that anymore.