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I loved it when my american high school English teacher tried to instill white guilt into me but luckily I am immune since I was born in Europe to a European family lol.

Nice try though,


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Please don't think all Americans are like that, it's only the liberal trash that thinks that.


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Don't worry, I saw that most of the students were either not paying attention or rolling their eyes at the thought of collective guilt that is passed down from generation to generation.

In the past few years, I have grown convinced that black people are given every opportunity to succeed in America, through so many programs and benefits. The American Dream can still be possible. I know this because 16 years ago my family moved across the world with nothing besides the clothes on our backs trying to escape a war zone. We worked hard and now my family business has revenues of over $25,000 per month, and rapidly expanding.

Black people as a group could easily also escape poverty. The only thing is that they are holding each other back because if someone acts hirable or studies hard in school then they call that "acting white". To them, the only legitimate way to get out of poverty is by playing sports, being a rapper, or crime.

That is why I have great respect for various Indian and East Asian groups. They don't sit around complaining how they don't have generational wealth and stuff. They quickly catch up to the American standard of wealth by the second generation through extreme back breaking effort.