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That's complete nonsense.

Reparation payments had already stopped in 1931 and the war started in 1939 with an eastward expansion and invasion of Poland. The war was not necessary to shake off reparations, they had already done so, and the war was started with desire for Germany to acquire 'Lebensraum' and subjugate the territories to the East which continued with its invasion of Russia and occupation of Russian territories which the German Empire had not held prior to WWI.

And even if the German Empire had previously controlled Russia, which it did not, desiring to restore the historical borders of a past empire is not a valid reason for starting a war.


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I never claimed the war was to shake off reparations. The prime mover at the beginning of the war was Hitler's desire to make a German state, to unite ethnic Germans within Germany and outside of it. Not so different from the goals during the creation of Israel. Correct the injustices in the treaty of Versailles.

When German economy reversed course from the lows during the great depression and was booming due to Hitler's domestic policies they had the means to carry out such a plan. When the Wehrmacht "invaded" Austria they were greeted with flowers and enthusiastically joined the Reich.

With a strong economy needed to supply an army, Hitler aimed to reunite former German empire and it's ethnically German populations. He invaded Poland to annex back East Prussia, which had been a part of Germany since 1871; ethnic Germans in Danzig were massacred by the Polish. East Prussia, now encircled by Poland had no way to defend itself from Polish harassment. Russia and Germany both attacked Poland in September 1939, after Poland was defeated they split Poland down the middle and each country took half.