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I can totally understand the anger and frustration of Germans.
I grew up in Germany, and all the time when immigrants or their children try to pick a fight we are expected to just tolerate them. And as soon someone doesn't take their shit and defends them selves like a normal human they are called a racist and a neo Nazi.
I had nothing to do with World War 2 i wasn't born yet. My parents where not born either. And my grandparents where to young at the time. And great grand parents where wither dead or sick or to old.
Because of this stupid guilt shaming by the media Germans are expected to just let all the refugees in and pay for everything.
Greece needs money. Germans: "no" Greeks; "remember what you did in WW2...".Germans: "ok :("
Asylum seekers are flooding Europe. Germans: "we don't want them, we have enough problems we need to take care of". Rest of world: "remember what you did in WW2" Germans: "ok :("


[–] boater 2 points 6 points (+8|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Greece needs money. Germans: "no" Greeks; "remember what you did in WW2...".Germans: "ok :("

The notion that Greeks are somehow extorting money from Germany over WWII atrocities is completely ludicrous.

All of the Greeks who were protesting Germany have been protesting Germany's willingness to give them money and demanding their government not to accept any money from Germany.

The Greek bailout was fundamentally redistribution of wealth from German taxpayers to German bankers. The notion that it had anything to do with Greece people asking for a handout was propaganda which German bankers used to swindle other Germans.


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very interesting point. But it would still cause the German people to become angry.