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People should not be held responsible and told to accept blame for things they did not do, and happened before they were even alive. Blaming people who had some ancestor who did something judged wrong many centuries ago is the most twisted collective punishment.

Today's Germans have every right to set sensible immigration policy and ask these people who invaded their country to leave.

Sensible, legal, immigration policies that benefit Germany, and enforcing those laws like any other law when people break them, is not another Holocaust nor is it Nazism. Sorry New York Times.

The major media wants Germans to think if they don't put half of Africa and Arabia onto their social systems, give them permanent residence with free everything from the tax payers then Germans are dangerously close to a neo-Nazi regime, and about to repeat the Holocaust. They are shaming innocent Germans into feeling this is one way to pay towards the never ending obligation, debt and shame they are born with.

Germans having sensible Immigration policies is not equal to the Holocaust or Nazism. Sorry New York Times. Germans alive today are innocent of war.

--edit-- after reading the comments and seeing this article discussed I want to respond to a few people who say I'm racist or wrong and also the image link is fixed and working - L@@K --

First. For those saying I exaggerate. Here is a link to a map of 2014 illegal immigrants placements into houses in the EU, Germany takes the most illegals by far, 2015 has already far surpassed these numbers for last year on the map, Germany is now close to USA levels of illegals immigrants invading if you adjust to per capita -

Second. Some comments say Germany needs these people desperately because of "declining birthrates." Even if true, and Germany needs more people - the last immigrants you want are illegals who are largely uneducated, whose first act as a German is to break the law, and will take a lot more in benefits than they ever put in, eventually leading to Germans losing what they paid for themselves as it is devoured by illegals.

Second again, but with a real solution. No one has suggested to give monetary incentives (tax refunds) to any native Germans who are married, financially stable, and are willing to have more children? Seems obvious to encourage native births first. Then make it easier for legal immigrants to become German who have graduate degrees, money, and would be a net benefit to Germany. This would actually make the country even richer, and increase the population too!

Third. Race. This had nothing to do with race in my mind when I posted it, but a number of comments are about Race, even suggesting everything I mention is invalid because it is just racism. I want to turn this back at them. It does seem the European people today are being targeted by propaganda that prevents Europeans from ever acting as a group to benefit each other, or having a group identity together like every other human group on the planet is allowed to have. Any European collective action is instantly a racist horror and a hate group, where African descendants form groups to help themselves to the exclusion of all others and are encouraged to have pride about it. Jewish people are very diverse in my personal experience but there are many groups dedicated to Jewish interests alone and separate from the Anti-Defamation League to AIPAC. Every good thing Europeans have contributed to humanity from Athens, to Rome, to the Renaissance, to Isaac Newton, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, to walking on the moon is diminished and invalidated, never celebrated, and Europeans do not get any credit for the amazing good deeds that thoroughly outweigh the bad. The propaganda goes further to concentrate only on bad things Europeans have done in the past, to the point of psychological damage IMHO, Europeans are responsible for every bad thing, and get credit for no good thing. That is why European nations cannot even raise an objection to mass invasion by illegals.

I am sure if Germany, France, Britain, Scandinavia, and the USA started blocking illegals from putting one foot on the land, and then got rid of the extremely hostile elite ruling classes that implement the policy and propaganda barrage that gets the 99% to swallow this mental and cultural poison - then the migration would stop. The refugees have a responsibility to fix their own nations, Islam needs reform, corrupt governments in Latin America need to go. Europe and the USA sacrificed and suffered tremendously to make our nations tolerable. The migrants have a responsibility to their people and nation to do the same, and create the country they want.


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I still don't understand why anti interventionist and isolationist policies are viewed so negatively. Oh yeah, propaganda


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People should not be held responsible for things they did not do. Blaming people who had some ancestor who did something now judged wrong is collective punishment.


Are you trying to imply that every white person in America shouldn't be made to feel guilty about slavery? And are you saying that it's OK to say "WHITE lives matter" or to form WHITE clubs or have WHITE television networks just like black people do?

This is shocking!


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People will make the claim that intervention prevents the next Hitler from coming to power.

What people fail to realize is had the alliance system not been used to pull allies into conflict WWI would have been a regional dispute and WWII would have never occured.

Without the US interfering in WWII, Germany would have reclaimed the stolen land and money lost to the unfair WWI surrender. Britian would have been forced to accept one of a dozen very favorable peace offers Hitler sent to the British.


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It's because we have failed to show the world that the West can have a honest interventionist agenda. Time and time again we got caught in conflicts that were driven by corporate greed and profits and not humanitarian reasons. We have lost all credibility mostly thanks to the US foreign policy in the past 60 years and now no one will believe us anymore.


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Europe is ruled by what the British philosopher Roger Scruton famously called 'oikophobes'. They are people who have the pathological urge to want to break down their home, to hurt their traditions and their people. Now, the progressive left has found out decades ago that the best way to break down your own home is to invite lots of strangers to share it with you.

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They should fight, but generations of brainwashing have left them vulnerable to Muslim invaders.


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The Haber-Bosch process lead to the feeding of billions


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It's too late. They now have a lower birth rate than the Japanese, and are being bombarded with migrants to the tune of 500,000 per year on a population of 80,000,000 and shrinking. Meanwhile, practically the only births in German cities are to migrant mothers and fathers. If demography is destiny, then the Germans are doomed.


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Exactly. Agree whole heartedly. I think it's possible the American's push this agenda because they want to see German economic industry slow down. Every country has a right to balance out the intake of skilled immigrants versus asylum seekers and the like. One is a direct boost, the other an investment for the future. Unbalanced you risk losing the momentum and even going backwards for a time if you can't up-skill a population fast enough.


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I suspect that there's no one, of any race, who wouldn't be incarcerated if we held each other responsible for our ancestor's wrongs.


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Exactly. It's worth mentioning that the Turks are Germany's largest minority ethnic group. You know, the Turks who had a six-hundred-year empire that slaughtered or forcibly starved millions of people and, for several centuries, was the main hub in the global slave trade.