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Can we have a little consistency in your views here, please?

We saw in Ferguson and Baltimore that the police did NOT stop the rioting, looting, and burning. In Baltimore, the mayor actually ordered the police to stand down and give the rioters "space to destroy". In Ferguson, the owner of the market that Micheal Brown robbed had his store looted multiple times. An Asian-owned store called Beautytown fared even worse. It was looted 3 times between the shooting of Michael Brown and the handing down of the decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson before finally being burned to the ground the week of the riots. In Baltimore, the middle-eastern owner of a pizza shop not only had his establishment burned to the ground, they actually tried to set HIM on fire too! These are the innocent minorities being terrorized by the majority black residents of those cities.

You say that you believe the police have the responsibility to protect minorities from rampagers. If only you can apply that same belief when the rampagers are black. But we all know that to the black lives matter activists, any attempt to do so by the police would face accusations of "racism", and I suspect you would be one of those on the front lines hurling those accusations.