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At the core of Multiculturalism is a masochistic and self hating ideology that cloaks itself in Christian ideals of generosity and cross bearing.

The elites in Sweden bought hook, line, and sinker into this Multiculturalism because giving away something that is not yours, namely your country, gives this sense of moral purpose and a conviction that you are being generous.

These politicians cannot reverse their policy now without admitting to their terrible error, that they really had no right to trade away the inheritance of native Swedes. And so they stubbornly persist even going so far as to boost immigration in the hopes that the resulting demographic shift will help their re-election prospects. Holding power becomes the ultimate vindication for them.

Sweden is at a tipping point in this regard. The people are waking up but the MSM there is censored like no other place I know. Will they fully realize the betrayal in time to save their native Culture? Stay tuned.

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[–] novictim 2 points 16 points (+18|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Very well said.

But there is more to this: The mantra of the true-believers in the Multicultural vision is this:

"If only we express enough generosity and leniency and forgiveness to Jihadists and Criminals then they will naturally sense our moral superiority and then adopt our liberal values"

The more that that dream fails, the more generosity these folks feel is required. It explains so much of why bad policies are doubled down on rather than reviewed and thrown out.

Mass deportations should have been the sane conclusion to these failed policies a long time ago yet we still don't see this.


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Very well put.


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At the core of Multiculturalism is a masochistic and self hating ideology that cloaks itself in Christian ideals of generosity and cross bearing.

You guys are like conspiracy theorists with your insane mental gymnastics to always bring it back to Christianity. Even when Muslims are fucking up it's still the Christians fault.

It's the Christian's fault when governments kick immigrants out (USA), it's the Christians fault when they let them in.

I'd end this with a joke, but your logic is laughable enough.


[–] novictim 3 points 35 points (+38|-3) ago 

I'm not blaming this on Jesus or on Christianity per se. I'm pointing out the pathway by which Swedes, raised in a protestant-liberal society, end up "atoning" for their atheism by self sacrifice and nailing others to the cross.

Each rape victim of a immigrant trespasser in Sweden is a offering, another cross to bear in the quest to feel self righteous.

If you are a Christian then I should hope you can see the distortion and sickness of this mindset and not feel defensive about me bringing this up. This does not condemn Christianity, only the cultural distortion of it.

Regarding Islam, it is Islam that fails to acknowledge the personal conscience which Christianity did more than 400 years ago. It is Islam that is incompatible with liberalism and secular values.


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Nobody's attacking Christianity. The comment you quoted was actually criticizing the politicians for using Christianity as a shield to avoid dealing with the immigration issue.


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I love how you try to downplay their comments with an attack hidden.

The truth of the matter is, multiculturalism is a bad policy for everyone but the rich. It's easy to get on your high horses when you are rich and pity the poor from third world nations.You don't have to do anything other then let them in and drive wages down, take up jobs, educational opportunities and teach others that this is a good thing. However, once people start to see through this one sided policy, they will take matters into their own hands.Hopefully the Swedes realize that learning about other cultures is good, but allowing them to freely move in without thinking of your own people first is bad.


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In this case, it is the Swede's fault for letting these people in. Migrants have no power, politically or financially. They only live there because locals let them.


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There's something that always bothered me about multiculturalism and immigration. Why would we want a culture that turned its country into such a shithole that people are desperate to leave?


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a logical point!


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Great analysis and one of the best overall descriptions. You aren't wrong about the cloak of christian ideals' and I think a 'perversion' or a warped twist of them does work in selling multiculturalism with that appeal to help the poor. This is when selling multiculturalism to the people IMO.

But at its core, its proponents are decidedly antichristian. The very point and purpose for the insider advocates is to make sure christianity (that very thing making for traditional western culture (the enemy) but to make sure christianity is no longer a dominant anything. When it becomes just another among a hundred others then finally society changes.

but i did get what you were intending to communicate and I agree a kind of christian sense of sharing, giving to the poor and needy is often used in selling it to the masses.


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Exactly! But the key is that it is always someone else paying the price so that the multiculturist can feel a sense of moral action.. That is key.

They don;t offer up their own home and sleep on the couch with no hope of ever having it back. No, they never do that.