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That exactly what I want to see. Shut it all down. Everything. No more “Walmart is essential”, liquor stores are essential” no gas stations, no car repair, nothing. You leave you’re house you’re shot. Have the military deliver food once a week to your home. Let’s see how that flys with these virtue signaling idiots. I’d love it.

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They'll probably praise it because pravda told them it's good.

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Fine with me. If they double down, they are easier dismiss. It will make (((them))) weaker, if that’s even possible.

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They made their shit bed. Now sleep in it.

[–] 51235521 ago 

Hell yea.

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Flips fresh egg omelette

I knew that pallet of chicken feed was a good investment.

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Right. I stay at least 300lb ahead of chicken feed for out little flock (31 birds). We’ve also “water glassed” around 360 eggs. (Chickens love eggs)

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This will septate the parasites from the survivors. They should shut everything down for two months.

Large cities will be filled with buzzards and rats feasting off of the losers who NEED people to supply them with food and water.

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Yes. That’s exactly my thinking. A good preview of “grid down”. I will be sitting on my little farm laughing my ass off.

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Notice this shit only happens with lefty governors.

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Plenty of Republican Govs. signed off on on this goofy lockdown shit. The difference is they aren't pushing it quite this hard, yet.

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Another shithole dem state to avoid.

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"Let them eat Frybread"

~Michelle Grishamette

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Damn. Navajo tacos are delicious.

[–] MemeDropAcct ago 

And healthy too! Just take a look at all of the slim and fit Injuns on the Navajo res. sometime. Real health nuts there.

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Lock her up

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Arbitrarily closing stores for no reason. These fuckers need to be hanged.

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And those companies won't fight back.

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They’re in on it. They’ve been paid by the Globalists.

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wonder where her food is coming from?

the moon?

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When I get hungry and can't find food, the next building that will be burning down will be Grisham home. When folks are hungry and can't feed their kids the first emotion to erupt is Anger.

[–] SOGWAP ago  (edited ago)

I think you all should not wait. It is sad but you'll have to destroy her and her protection too. Hopefully the cops aren't so stupid S to staY and protect her. They actually get paid to protect you from. Her.

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