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Lonely or not is no excuse ! Is it any wonder our civilization is about to get hammered pretty badly real soon ? All of this unnatural , base , twisted sexual behavior being paraded about ? Don't fuck kids ,don't fuck animals .,no one knows how to behave like a proper human being . None of this Cheng shit . To suggest it's an okay thing just shows how depraved many in our society have become . There is some thing pushing all this evil to become normalized and accepted .

. Spiritual warfare .

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Can take the Muslim out of his country....

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...but you can't take muslim dick out of the goat.

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One I made for Chunck Goat Fucker a while back:


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Legalize is not endorsement. It is a victimless crime but I would not recommend it. Without government, who will enforce it? Hardest part about freedom is letting people do things you find repugnant.

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Lowering punishment for pedophilia in california isn't an endorsement then

The fuck you on? Them liberals got to you? Who are you, faggot!

[–] starrychloe ago 

Pedophilia has a victim. Beastiality doesn’t have a victim because animals don’t have rights. Try to keep up.

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I watch this clip from time to time, and I shake my head because I can't believe Chink, dumb as this fucker is, could ever be dumb enough to say something like this. But he said it. Amazing.

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Cenk Uygur (nice name! rolls off the tongue so easily. Perfect for tv!) is a piece of shit.

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Cenk apparently is Turkish for "epic war" according to Google Translate. Uygur made me think of the European/Asian hybrids.


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Sick and abomination to God!

[–] punchingtrees ago 

So this is what he meant by herd immunity.

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