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You are incorrectly assuming that asymptomatic people aren't counted as "cases".

The "cases" you hear about constantly are not sick people. They are positive test results.

That includes people in hospitals and people sick at home, but also people who have the sniffles, people who aren't sick at all, people who had it months ago, and people who had no idea they had it, as well as A LOT of false positives from tests that are known to be unreliable and return positive if you recently had the common cold (which is also often caused by virus in the coronavirus family).

They include every single positive test result, making no attempt to differentiate by severity or even presence of symptoms, past or present, or why the test is even being performed (more and more employers require or provide subsidized testing, producing more "cases"). I would bet hard cash they don't even bother filtering out multiple test results for the same person (they sometimes test the same person multiple times on the same day, knowing the test isn't very reliable).

This is by design, to inflate the numbers as much as possible.

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They can inflate or lower the positive results at any time simply by changing the number of PCR cycles run in the testing process. Right now they are “overcooking” the PCR test by running it too many cycles and guaranteeing a large number of positive results.


And I feel obliged to say, as always, Covid is a hoax — doesn’t exist — so there is no such thing as a “false positive” when there are no true positives.

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They have jumped to flashing giant numbers of "projected" cases on screen now...shit like assuming every positive will infect 5 others:)

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Turd immunity then.

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Ok fair enough, new cases include all those false positives which are probably most tests, according to Dr. Yeadon. So let's say 3x confirmed cases were asymptomatic rather than 4x, to build in a conservative factor. That is still 48 million people which is within striking distance of Yeadon's herd immunity number. He says 60% is bullshit because we are used to dealing with coronaviruses all the time, and have built in T-cell and antibody responses already. Point is, the bigger the panic number the media announces for new cases, by definition the closer we are to herd immunity, just like Sweden. Now they are literally just starving and scaring people to death.

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I do agree that the Covid fear is disproportional to the danger. But I checked on this theory and it doesn't really pan out.

If Covid deaths are being reported accurately (which for the record I doubt they are), there are currently about 1.2k deaths per day in the US. The flu in 2018 killed 167 per day. So the official numbers don't really say the danger is past yet. It would be a big deal for my normie friends if they did say that.

One other wrinkle is that the deaths per year are obviously not spread out evenly, they mostly occur during flu season. But I looked into that, and while I couldn't find a deaths per day chart for 2018, I did find hospitalizations per day, and assuming the 2 are proportional this day in 2018 was pretty close to the average. So we should be seeing 167 deaths, but instead we saw 1400.

You can see the official data in this web app:


Of course this is all out the window if the reporting is inaccurate, which again it probably is. But the statement "the official data shows the Covid deaths are down to regular flu levels" is a powerful one so I thought I'd check it out.

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Death rate: 867.8 deaths per 100,000 population according to the CDC in 2018. Data is not in for 2020 but it doesn't look at bad as 1969. Don't focus on COVID deaths look at total deaths and then drill down, you will see the overlap. I attempted to gather data but it was turning out to be like a 40 hour job and for what?

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We can't mock official statements when we don't like the info and then turn around and quote them when they do; that's for sure

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Sure we can. Official statements contradict themselves. Pointing this out is a good red pill for normies.

In March the CDC was saying “DO NOT BUY MASKS.” Fauci said the same. Some of the official statements are so retarded and contradictory that even a normie will understand that real media stories like COVID TOES and CORONAVIRUS-SNIFFING DOGS are utterly ludicrous fabrications.

The official literature for the PCR test says that it can’t identify the cause of disease.

Fauci said that the PCR test is useless after 35 cycles but most labs are running it up to 40.

You can find all sorts of stories about pastors who said that “God will protect me from coronavirus” but then died of coronavirus. Obviously fake and not consonant with people’s real-life experience. You can find all kinds of stories about young people who died. I guarantee no one knows anyone under the age of 70 who was even claimed to have died from Covitz.

Anyway these are but a few examples. I agree that we can’t accept official data. The REAL death rate from Covitz is 0.00 and always will be. But repeating official stories is a great way to show how totally ad libbed they have been all year.

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You are still sipping half the koolaid. Herd immunity is the bullshit controlled OP (like antibody tests)....you will lever stop hearing "covid" it will become yearly bullshit just like the flu; although you don't have to participate. The WHOLE thing is bullshit.

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I think if proper research was done they would find that 70+% of the population was immune to this particular strain of humancoronavirus before this entire scamdemic even began. But, that's another of those things they just don't want you to know.

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Wouldn't matter.

jewflu has a 0% mortality rate.

It's not deadly.

There are thousands of viruses that are not deadly. Just because something is a virus doesn't mean it's deadly.

Herd immunity is irrelevant to israel's failure of a bio-weapon.

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Roommates gf got it. Sickish for 2 days. He hung around her the entire time. He's had a bit of a cough. I've been in the same house with them for weeks. Nothing. shrugs

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So they had a cold.

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That's a lot of text for a moron

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There isn’t a virus but good job using their logic against them.

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